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Destiny Preview

/ Sep 4th, 2013 1 Comment

Destiny the game

The Activision Blizzard booth at GameStop Expo 2013 had a lot going on. Diablo 3, Call of Duty: Ghosts and some other popular titles were available to play but the Destiny presentation stole the show. During the presentation, a demo featuring live gameplay was shown by the developers showcasing the game’s many features and providing a few interesting details.

Destiny takes place on an Earth reclaimed by nature after alien forces have taken control of most of the solar system. The remaining humans live in the last city on Earth and continue to fight alien forces outside their city walls. Humanity’s protectors are known as Guardians, who are tasked with fighting off the alien forces and taking back control of the planet. To help them with their task, Guardians are equipped with geometric drones called Ghosts who float around offering commentary and advice though it was unclear to what extent they will actually be able to assist the player. For all you Game of Thrones geeks out there, get excited, the voice of the Ghost is none other than Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister). In addition to being a wildly talented actor, Dinklage is apparently a funny guy, or at least the Ghost is. Ghost drones in Destiny may just give Portal 2‘s Wheatley (voiced by the hilarious Stephen Merchant) a run for his floating robot-guide money in terms of entertainment value.

The gameplay presentation showcased the Guardians fighting the Fallen. Described by the developers as four-armed pirates, the Fallen are scavenging the planet for supplies and seem to have a “kill all humans” mentality. The Fallen are mean, quick and surprisingly flexible. The Guardians in the demo encounter the Fallen as they drop nimbly from the ceiling and ducts above while the Guardians explore an industrial area in a territory of the game called Old Russia. Other enemies encountered during the demo include a six-legged mech called a Devil Walker that looks like the result of a wild night of passion between a robot spider and a beach ball.


Destiny's Devil Walker

Destiny’s Devil Walker

The developers stressed that they wanted the weapons in Destiny to be something more to the gamer than just a tool to shoot bad guys. After beating difficult enemies, players will receive loot that may or may not contain powerful new weapons, each with its own unique name. Don’t expect to see AKs and Uzis in Destiny. Special weapons have names like Thunderlord or Raised By Wolves and each has its own skill tree that the gamer can use to equip weapons with powerful abilities. Thunderlord, for example, features the Rolling Thunder ability which equips the gun with ammo that penetrates and detonates.

Of course, Destiny will have co-op gameplay. Similar to Borderlands, Destiny will contain public areas where players can link up with friends. While in a public area, gamers will have the option to play through public events. Developers at the presentation indicated that public events would become available after a catalyst event happens somewhere nearby. In the demo, the catalyst event was a massive alien ship moving quickly through Earth’s atmosphere towards the Guardians and knocking over some futuristic infrastructure along the way.

Also noted by the developers during the presentation, there will be competitive multiplayer in Destiny and multiplayer characters will look very different than the characters in campaign mode. Players will be able to choose from classes including Guardian, Hunter, Titan and Warlock.

Developer Bungie is excited about the detailed environments the team created for Destiny, making sure to point out the reflections and ripple effect on a small pond of water as Guardians waded through it. The developer strove for a high level of detail for everything in the game including its natural environments. As the Guardians passed by tall grass, the grass gently swayed, people and objects caste a shadow, and leaves on trees rustled in the wind.

All said, Destiny is shaping up to be another amazing first-person shooter from the team behind Halo.


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  • Alex

    Hi Josh, I was playing BF4 on a PC but with an Xbox controller. I played a lot of FPS on PC back in the day but have not recently so I’m not sure i’m the best person to ask, however, since you did ask, my personal opinion is that consoles have come a looooong way since my Counterstrike days. The margin of quality gaming between PC and Consoles continues to narrow and the capabilities of next-gen consoles look to be pretty level with current PC’s. Benefits of Consoles, no expensive gaming mice or replacing said gaming mice once a year, ergonomic controllers, no necessity to buy expensive gaming tech upgrades like sound cards, etc. It’s hard for me to speak to the benefits of PC because I haven’t played PC FPS actively for years mainly due to the ever increasing capabilities of consoles.

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