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Destiny: It’s Been a While…

/ Sep 22nd, 2016 No Comments

Destiny: Rise of Iron

I greatly enjoyed my time with Destiny (or vanilla Destiny, as people take to calling it now) when it first released, but it received a fair share of backlash from both critics and gamers. As time has gone by, Destiny’s shortcomings have become more apparent.

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Perhaps I played it under the right conditions. I was playing with several friends who were excited about Destiny, and many of them purchased a PlayStation 4 just to play the game. Upon its release, this energy sucked me into Destiny, and it lasted well beyond the time it took me to reach my level limit.

But it’s been a while since I’ve played Destiny. That is why I was a bit nervous to play Rise of Iron, Destiny’s latest major expansion. However, something about Rise of Iron captured me almost immediately. It made me want to re-learn those Destiny skills that atrophied from non-use. I don’t know if it was scratching an itch I didn’t know needed to be scratched or if Rise of Iron made Destiny feel like it was brand new.

Whatever it was, I was once again sucked into new story missions, strikes, and even new Crucible maps.


The two new strikes, The Wretched Eye and Sepiks Perfected, are fine additions to the strike stable. Sepiks Perfected is a “remastered” version of “The Devil’s Lair,” where you fight the Devil Spliced version of Sepiks Prime. It has a feeling of déjà vu, but the addition of the Devil Splicers keeps it fresh, with some variation to how you take down Sepiks this time around.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

The Wretched Eye is one of the better Destiny Strikes.

The Wretched Eye is where the money is at. It is a unique strike that follows up the threads of the Rise of Iron story. You have to track down a Devil Splicer priest in a labyrinthine-esque dungeon with your Fireteam. Once you find him, you discover the sick truth about what the Devil Splicers are doing. Fighting against the priest is challenging as you must deal with a unique environmental hazard, and it is very intense.

A Shameful Personal Outing

If there is one aspect of first-person shooters that doesn’t vibe with me, it is competitive PvP. Luckily, Overwatch has made me more receptive to dipping my toes into competitive multiplayer. Yet, I never really ventured heavily into Destiny’s Crucible. Truthfully, I was discouraged from playing this mode because my skills did not seem up to par.

Regardless, I took up the chance to play some of the new PvP maps and mode in Rise of Iron — the ability to create private matches also will make PvP a little more inviting. Checking out Supremacy in the new maps Skyline and Last Exit was surprisingly fun, even if I still sucked.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

Skyline has plenty of areas to get into large firefights with friends.

Skyline and Last Exit are stark contrasts to one another. Skyline is a more open map with a lot of opportunities for mobility, while Last Exit is more enclosed with plenty of paths to venture down. Last Exit is filled with choke points that can lead to both teams getting in absolute blood baths. Both maps are very conducive to the new Supremacy mode.

Supremacy adds a little strategy to the team deathmatch setting. Instead of going for the most kills alone, you are now gathering marks dropped by an opponent upon death. The first team to get the most marks wins. It isn’t simply about upping your kill count, though.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

Last Exit has some open spots, but mostly feels claustrophobic.

The strategy comes from denying your opponents the reward of picking up a mark. A mark drops upon death but it needs to be collected. So if your teammates are nearby when you go down they can get a quick revenge kill, recover your mark and take the opponent’s mark too.

While competitive PvP may not be my favorite aspect of Destiny, I enjoyed playing the new Supremacy mode and trying out the Rise of Iron’s new maps.

Settling In

Rise of Iron made me remember why I loved Destiny in the first place. The shooting and combat feels satisfying, even for someone who doesn’t play a lot of first-person shooters. The new content is a great way to extend out the life of the game.

However, I wouldn’t be so much into the idea of returning to Destiny if I didn’t have a few friends to join me. Jumping in with friends has always been the most enjoyable aspect of Destiny to me. Rise of Iron alone won’t make me jump back in, but having a partner to play the Destiny DLC with will. Playing with randos still seems like kind of a bummer, so in that regard Rise of Iron doesn’t change Destiny.


Kalvin Martinez

Kalvin Martinez

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