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Bungie Details Destiny April Update

/ Mar 24th, 2016 No Comments

Destiny April Update

Bungie detailed some of the new content and new challenges players can expect from the Destiny April update in the coming weeks.

Destiny’s April update will arrive on April 12. The new content included in the update will be available to players who own Destiny: The Taken King. Oryx may be dead but the threat of his Taken minions still persists throughout the galaxy. To keep things exciting and deadly, Bungie is introducing new quests, bounties, and strikes to Destiny.

Players’ maximum light level is being raised to from 320 to 335 and there are new ways to gear up to that point. Events like Prison of Elders, Court of Oryx, the King’s Fall raid, Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris, and strikes are receiving a boost in both difficulty and rewards to make 335 light more feasible.

Destiny April Update

Destiny April Update

Prison of Elders is one of the pieces of Destiny content that has laid dormant since The Taken King released. Previously, this arena combat part of Destiny was far too easy and gave players few worthwhile rewards. Bungie is now introducing Taken enemies to the Prison of Elders along with eight updated bosses for a level 41 version of the mode. Challenge of the Elders is being introduced which brings weekly boss battles, new challenges and gameplay, new rewards, and a scoring system on the leaderboards.

The Blighted Chalice strike takes players back to the Dreadnaught to fight a would-be Taken prince who quietly grows in power. The Winter’s Run strike is being updated with a Taken version where players approach this old fight with a new approach.

More on the Destiny April update will be revealed in the next two weeks on Bungie’s Twitch livestreams. The studio will detail the new rewards players will receive and other sandbox and Crucible update.

Quick Take

The community response around the Destiny April update seems to be quite positive. Fans of the game have been starved for actual new things to do for months. Fans of PvE plowed through The Taken King in a matter of weeks and have had little else to do aside from fine-tuning gear. It’s great that Bungie is still supporting the world of Destiny this far into the game’s original release. The update is likely going to be the last significant update to Destiny until whatever expansion Bungie has planned for the fall. And Bungie must be eyeing The Division and taking notes on whether or not the game absorbed some of the disenchanted Destiny players.

Ben Sheene

Ben Sheene

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Ben Sheene

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