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Deadpool Wants to Play

/ Apr 23rd, 2013 No Comments


Dude looks pretty sinister.

High Moon Studios and parent company Activision are actively promoting their new Marvel release, Deadpool. They are doing an awesome job of it. The anticipation of whether this game will be truly awesome or not will have to linger until its released on Jun 25. To take on Deadpool aka (Wade Wilson) is to take on one of the most peculiar/interesting/unique characters in the history of Marvel, if not of all comics ever. This guy knows how to break the “fourth wall”, meaning he is fully aware of the fact that he’s a character in a piece of fiction. He knows that people are watching him for entertainment purposes, and he loves it. They are actually using that as part of their advertising campaign. Rather than the video game being promoted as a separate entity, Deadpool promotes himself proudly for making his own video game, taking all the credit from the game’s developers. Check out Deadpool’s official video game website to check out the trailer. High Moon’s got a pretty decent track record from Dark Watch and The Bourne Conspiracy to the Transformer video game series. These games have all been above average, but High Moon has not exactly released any groundbreaking, innovative games yet. The track record of comic book video games is not all that great either with the exception of the Batman Arkham series and to an extent X-Men Legends, and some of the Spider-Man games (Web-slinging is just too fun). So, the expectations are not necessarily very high, but can they do something awesome with this witty, unstable, and deadly maniac? Here are a few things to consider to make this game awesome…

Give this game some CHARACTER!!!

[adsense250itp]When given a character like Deadpool, High Moon has a gift of a character with all kinds of crazy dynamics and history. One only needs to check out his massive biography on Marvel’s official site or a wiki to see the material they have to mine from. When watching the trailer, it is looking like the history and dynamics might not play too big of a role in the game… Now, it is totally possible that the Deadpool trailer is just a super fun representation of Deadpool in all his mercilessly witty hilariousness, which works out well when the idea is that Deadpool is shamelessly promoting himself and his game by selling sex and violence throughout. But, it would be pretty disappointing if this just turned out to be a sex and violence fueled game without any genuine substance. To not dig into his complex history would be a disservice. The trailer kind of makes it look like Lollipop Chainsaw but with Deadpool, let’s hope that’s not the case. Deadpool is better than that; he sure thinks so.

Blow gamers away with fun fourth wall stuff!


Wacky hi-jinks!

It has already been confirmed that the fourth wall will play a part in the game, which should make things exciting. One concept that has been implemented is that while in the pause menu, Deadpool will show up and knock on the screen and make funny comments. It would be cool to hear him stay stuff like “Ummm I’m sorry am I interrupting something?” With enough imagination, Deadpool could be quite a fascinating experience by including lots of unpredictable fourth wall stuff!

Make the combat system unique for the Merc with a Mouth!

Let’s hope we do not end up with a fighting system that reminds us of any game that we have played before, because Deadpool is just too intricate and dynamic for that. Deadpool’s method of choice to kill his opponents should be wide open, just like his mouth is. Obviously it would be fun and quite fitting for Deadpool to have all kinds of humorous attack options as well as maybe some celebrations and/or taunts just to mix things up.

Mini Game Mayhem!

Deadpool is a weirdo. Somewhere along the line in this game, there must be some wacky things that gamers should get to do as Deadpool that have nothing what so ever to do with plot or accomplishment. If any character is just begging to have pointlessly fun mini-games in his video game, it is Deadpool. Perhaps have a Great Lake Avengers fan club mini-game.

Have some guest appearances by beloved Marvel characters!

In the comics and cartoons, Deadpool is associated with lots of different Marvel characters, including Wolverine, Omega Red, Cable, and Spider-Man. This is going back to that idea of giving this game some character: If some of these characters make appearances that are worth remembering (Cable will appear as he is in the trailer). It could bring a whole dynamic to the game that reminds the gamer that they are still playing in the Marvel universe, just with an entirely different set of rules (hopefully none).

This game has potential. By reading up on the game and seeing what they are planning to do with it, it could be great. But, through researching Deadpool and the complexities that he’s experienced as a dynamic character who’s constantly evolving and breaking conventions, this game needs to do right by the Merc with a Mouth. High Moon needs to realize that they have a potential treasure in their hands and need to make the most of it.

Alejandro Grover

Alejandro Grover

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