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Deadpool (PS3) Review

/ Jul 7th, 2013 No Comments

Deadpool (the game) was released Jun. 25 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Developed by High Noon Studios, Deadpool features, well, Deadpool, the merc with a mouth. A Marvel comic book character, Deadpool is known for his mutant healing factor and for being a highly skilled albeit oddball mercenary for hire. As the Marvel Universe is a large one, the game also features an auxiliary cast of mutants from the X-Men franchise.

Though the rating will not change either way, this review will break down the pros and cons of the game for Deadpool comic fans and Deadpool comic non-fans as this is definitely a game made for the fans.


Fans and Non-Fans: The plot of Deadpool is basic and fairly easy to follow. Deadpool pitches a video game about himself to a developer and with some explosive coercion, convinces High Noon to make the game. Due to some 4th wall busting, the player is playing the game as it’s being made. The plot within a plot is Deadpool’s race to kill Mr. Sinister and prove he could without the help of the X-Men.

Non-Fans: The plot relies heavily on inside jokes. and while entertaining, feels lacking in places and tends to blend one slash and shoot rampage into another. Cutscenes tend to be fairly trippy and feature Deadpool doing seemingly random things. Even if you don’t know Deadpool, you’ll get a pretty good sense of his character and basic history before the game is through.

Fans: Some pretty solid references were worked into the plot by the developers. Fans have different reasons for loving a movie or character and it’s always going to be difficult to make everyone happy but Deadpool succeeds in pinpointing the core elements that all Deadpool fans love. Expect to see Looney Tunes style set-ups to capture bad guys and some pretty brutal Deadpool dismembering. Fans will also see a different side of Cable and High Moon’s take on Lady Deadpool.



Fans and Non-Fans: Deadpool makes great use of the comic book style of flattering a woman’s proportions. With a pretty high TNA factor, this game plays like a decent, R-rated action flick. Props go out to the animators at High Moon for the stunningly realistic job they did of animating breasts bouncing. No, seriously…upon playing Deadpool, if someone can think of a game with better animation or realism in this department, please leave it in the comments section below.

Non-Fans: Deadpool is imaginative, ridiculous and literally insane. This in addition to his comedic take on murdering bad guys makes him highly entertaining.

Fans: Whether using a Sentinel’s hand to flip the player the bird or killing outdated Marvel characters Deadpool is consistent and well-rounded in it’s referential gags.


Fans and Non-Fans: Environments don’t tend to have a ton of detail after the first few levels of the game. Levels tended to look a little plain and environment details a bit generic. Deadpool also does not offer much by way of in-game collectibles or interesting side missions. Many nooks and side rooms seemed designed to hold a Deadpool action figurine or comic book to collect for bonus content but lay bare and provided random dead-ends instead. Deadpool does however, succeed in fluid well-rounded, uncomplicated gameplay.

Non-Fans: Expect to experience lots of gory violence with a solid combo system that is fairly easy to understand and worth the time to learn.

Fans: The winner of the Deadpool game contest gets a solid cameo as a bobble-head bad guy who recites a pizza menu as he blasts the player in the face. Random comments made by Deadpool and each of his personalities during combat are generally pretty funny and always true to Deadpool form.


Deadpool is fairly solid as an action game. It’s entertaining, and it features fluid gameplay and an easy to use upgrade system. Like action movies, Deadpool lacks for a developed plotline and interesting content but it makes up for it with plenty of TNA and gory violence. Deadpool is the kind of game that appeals to someone who wants to slap Wolverine in the face, repeatedly, while yelling a litany of his sins into his unconscious face. It is gratuitous and ridiculous and a fun if somewhat short game that puts it’s M for Mature rating to devious use. Ultimately, if the developer had spent as much time on level design and plot as it had on the physics of bouncing breasts, the game probably would have merited a higher score.

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Alexandra Mangen
Alex is a nerd who "loves loves loves" gaming. She's a huge FPS gamer but also dabbles in RPGs and MMOs. If it's entertaining and well designed, she's game.
Alexandra Mangen
Alexandra Mangen

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