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Dead Rising 3: Revealing A Serious Side | Gaming Illustrated

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Dead Rising 3: Revealing A Serious Side

/ Jul 3rd, 2013 No Comments

Dead Rising 3

[adsense250itp]Dead Rising 3 seemed to reveal a serious side with the release of its trailer at E3 during the Microsoft Press Conference. The original Dead Rising was developed by Capcom directly from their Japanese studio, but with the sequel, Dead Rising 2, Capcom handed the series over to Blue Castle (Now Capcom Vancouver). The Dead Rising series is now a property handled by Blue Castle. Dead Rising 3 is a joint production between Capcom Vancouver and Microsoft Studios, with Microsoft publishing the title (Capcom’s involvement seems pretty drawn back outside of its Vancouver studio developing the game). The series is known mostly for not taking itself too seriously, and using inventive weapons to kill zombies.

Dead Rising 3 is set 1o years after the previous games. It focuses on a mechanic named Nick Ramos, struggling to stay alive in the fictional city of Los Perdidos, California overrun by the undead. In addition to staying alive, Ramos also must gather with other survivors to prevent an impending military strike that is set to level the town and all the life remaining inside the city.

Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3

As soon as Dead Rising 3’s trailer was released, fan outcry hit the internet. Many players have very been very vocal with their worry that the darker story line will ruin the lighthearted nature of the franchise. The very bleak looking landscape of the gameplay does not seemingly allow for players to attack zombies with plush toys, as they had been able to in previous games in the series. This latest incarnation of the game does not feature a time limit, as the previous two versions did. For purists there will be an option called “Nightmare Mode” for those who prefer the feel of a more traditional Dead Rising experience with a timer. According to Capcom, players will not have to worry about one thing, which was a major flaw of the series; Capcom has promised that load times are a thing of the past in Dead Rising 3.

New for Dead Rising 3 are interactive options with the Kinect and Xbox SmartGlass. Though players will not need the two options to complete the game itself, the options do give players exclusive missions and a few specific perks. The Xbox SmartGlass feature helps players set waypoints for mission objectives, as well as find specific items and abandoned store fronts. The SmartGlass feature also gives players exclusive missions that help them call military support to draw off the attention of the zombies. Thankfully, SmartGlass is available on most Smartphone systems. The Kinect options will bring players to a deeper level of awareness in Dead Rising 3. If a players makes a loud noise, for example, this could trigger a large rush of zombies. However, a player may be able to yell and distract the zombies as well.

Dead Rising 3 is scheduled to be released on November 27, 2013; just in time for the holiday season and the Xbox One launch. The game will only be released for play on the new Xbox One console, as it is coming from Microsoft Studios. For Nick Ramos, it looks like Sledgehammer-Chainsaw Hybrid weapons are coming to a zombie outbreak near you this November.

Victoria Irwin

Victoria Irwin

Associate Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Victoria Irwin is a freelance writer living and working in Orange County. As a newcomer to Gaming Illustrated, she is part of the Editorials team.
Victoria Irwin
Victoria Irwin

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