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D-Link AC3200 Router Review

/ Nov 4th, 2015 No Comments

Your wireless router could be the most underappreciated item in your house. When it’s working fine and doing it’s job, it goes unnoticed, fading to the background despite its likely unattractive look. But when your router isn’t performing well, that’s when it comes to the forefront.

The D-Link AC3200 wireless router looks like it fell off a space station and landed in your office, but the unattractiveness fades as the device’s top tier performance takes center stage. It isn’t the sleekest router and setup can be a chore, but the initial awkward phase gives way to a super fast wireless connection.

It Came From the Great Beyond

Unless you like 1980s-style futuristic space tech, you will likely be taken aback by the AC3200’s design. Six antennae protrude from a pyramid-like base that looks like it should be programmed with its own AI. It’s bulky and oddly shaped, but it’s abilities mean you can place it on a desktop corner and never really be forced to look at it.

D-Link AC3200 Router

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

The initial setup is easy; a power cord plugs into an outlet and an included Ethernet cord must be connected to a modem. Turn the device on with a PC handy and you’ll be prompted to update your settings. This is where setup became tricky.

After changing my WiFi settings and completing the setup, my devices would not connect to WiFi. I reset the router and used one of its four remaining Ethernet ports to hardwire my PC, and this allowed me to finish setting up wireless internet. There have been no connection issues since and some users might never experience this issue, but it was a rough start to our time with the router. I went through setup a second time using the company’s mobile app and I was prompted to connect through a hardwired Ethernet port, so there seems to be some disconnect between the smartphone app and the online setup wizard.

To Deliver Fast Internet

Despite some minor frustrations during setup, the router won me over with its performance. It is extremely easy to change the default WiFi name and password (in fact, you are prompted to do this during setup), and the six antennae provide excellent range. Through several walls and closed doors, the router delivered speeds about 2.5 Mbps faster than advertised for the internet tiers we tested it on. Fast wireless internet reached outdoor patios and had no problems a floor below.

D-Link Router

Tri bands will make your internet dance.

The router delivered the same performance even with multiple devices connected to WiFi. That’s because it uses tri-band technology to spread traffic across three different channels. We had no problems with wireless connections while running multiple laptops, a gaming console and several smartphones at the same time. Streaming HD video and connecting to multiplayer video game matches were handled with ease.

Gamers using wireless internet will surely want to take advantage of D-Link’s easy to use Quality of Service settings. By going on to a computer, users can prioritize certain devices to make sure there are no bandwidth issues. A system on the same page where users go to setup the device features a QoS page. There is one box for the highest priority, two for high priority and several for medium priority. Gamers will want to take advantage of this by giving their console or gaming PC the highest priority. This is very easy to use, but you must make sure your devices are actually on in order to prioritize them.


We had some frustrations setting up the D-Link AC3200 Ultra WiFi router, but we were floored by its performance. Speeds are as fast as you’ll ever need and range is excellent, even when multiple devices are attempting to suck up bandwidth. With top tier speeds and solid features, the D-Link AC3200 is the perfect router for gamers and power users.

The D-Link AC3200 router was reviewed on a device provided by D-Link.


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Ryan Bloom

Ryan Bloom

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Ryan Bloom

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Gaming Illustrated RATING



If you want to get the internet speeds you're paying for in all areas of your house, the D-Link AC3200 is a great option.


Don't be taken aback by the six antennae on the device; that helps it provide fast speeds through rooms and walls.


The bulky, odd shape makes it look like this piece of tech fell off a 1980s sci-fi movie set. It would also be nice to have a front-facing USB port.


Available for around $300 at retail outlets, this router is pricey. But its performance makes it better than paying a monthly router rental fee.