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Corsair GS Power Supply Units Enhanced

/ May 21st, 2012 No Comments

Corsair GS PSU

Corsair GS PSU

Corsair GS PSU

The Corsair GS600 was announced to get a major enhancement along with upgrades to two other of their power supply units: the GS700 and GS800. Although previously released to the public before, the new upgrades from Corsair usher in a plethora of changes and upgrades that are sure to appeal to those who are building, or rebuilding, their computers. Looking at the benefits they provide, the upgrades look like they’re a huge step up from their parents.

The new PSUs are a result of the 80 PLUS certification program which is made and maintained by numerous computer and utility companies to encourage the creation of more affordable, reliable, and energy efficient hardware. The newly designed power units are able to accomplish this through a sleek new design that not only looks excellent on the exterior, but on the interior as well.

Unlike the previous models, these PSUs including the GS600 come preinstalled with a 140mm temperature-controlled fan and are manufactured to operate fan-less when below 20% of the wattage rating. This causes the power units to be quieter than their more noisy predecessors. Cosair has also manufactured the units with low voltage stability and ultra-low ripple resulting in more energy efficient power units.

Don’t like how the units look? Change them. All three models also come in an array of customizable looks to match the style of your PC. You can also switch the color of the LED lights within the units to white, red or blue. You can also turn this off completely if you’re not up for a light show. Corsair also sells swappable color insert rings on their website as well for even further customization possibilities.

With power like this at your disposal it’s understandable that you’d be looking to keep them alive as long as possible and there are plenty of technical life preservers in case the PSUs hit a hardware iceberg. Each of the three power units comes with a 3-year warranty. If that’s not enough then Corsair maintains dependable customer service and technical support hotlines that can assist you. There’s no need to buy a microchip shaped tombstone with help like these.

If you’re building, or rebuilding, their computers into an epoch of power or just to keep it up with the times, Cosair’s upgraded power supply units definitely should be on your hardware grocery list. The Corsair GS600, GS700 and GS800 now available for purchase at select hardware stores at prices that won’t pummel your wallet.

Stay tuned to Gaming Illustrated for the latest Corsair news.

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Jonathan Anson

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