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Conflicks – Revolutionary Space Battles Review: Insert Egg Pun Here

/ Nov 5th, 2015 No Comments

Conflicks - Revolutionary Space Battles

Conflicks – Revolutionary Space Battles is a game about spaceships powered by yolk. Yes, the concept is absurd, but stay with me here. Conflicks is a different type of physics game, one that involves fast-paced RTS-style gameplay and absurdist humor. All of it is part of the fun.

Drag to Firing Positions, Commander

Movement in Conflicks requires players to “slingshot” their troops by dragging in the opposite direction they wish to see their spaceships travel. There is a steep learning curve for most RTS players, as gamers will want to click their way through the game, but it doesn’t take too much time to get used to it. It will take quick learning and the ability to juggle units in order to thrive in the game.

Conflicks - Revolutionary Space Battles

IT’S time to D-D-D-D-DUEL!

A variety of ships are available, from the small yet speedy patrol ships to heavier units like the destroyer, which can unleash a propulsion missile to displace groups of enemy. Battles are typically won through sheer numbers but simple physics play a major part in gameplay. Planets have a gravitational pull that is denoted around the planet, and any ships unfortunate enough to fall into the pull will be smashed into the planet. Players can take advantage of this and push heavily armored ships into the gravitational pull to take them down. Additionally, one well-placed missile can send even the mightiest fleet crashing down.

Your choice of ship also is a huge factor in how you play. Some ships may rely on shields to protect it, while another has a ramming ability built for close-quarter action. No two ships are alike, but it also means you will want to mix and match your fleet.

A Gentleman’s Retort

The story is one of scientists finding untold potential in the yolk of eggs and creating a space-race revolving around this idea. Planets are giant breeding farms for hens, which are harvested for their yolk. A number of other eccentric uses come of this strange alternate timeline, such as the ability to give chickens human level intelligence as well as bring back dead philosophers like John Locke. Whether John Locke’s state of being is an exemplary one is another question entirely.

Conflicks - Revolutionary Space Battles

And then proceeded an hour of everyone saying “quite” at various volumes.

If you didn’t think physics and RTS gameplay could mix, wait until you hear the game’s score. Part classical and part trance, the score somehow works. Cutscenes feature bizarre Lewis Carol-esque images along with written narration. As the dark stories unfold, these scenes create an incredibly disturbing, macabre vibe.

Sunny Guns Up

Multiplayer is the best part of Conflicks. The game’s matchmaking program allows players to immediately invite friends to matches with ease, but this complements solid multiplayer gameplay. Players choose a faction — such as the British or another nation — and fight in an aggressive, quick ship battle.

Conflicks - Revolutionary Space Battles

In space, no one can hear you choke a chicken.

While AI can easily be outgunned in a game of patience, playing against real people involves reckless RTS strategy. Nothing is more thrilling then the quick toss of a ship, as the slightest mistake can mean the difference between moving into firing range or a damaging electric nebula.


Conflicks brings its own unique approach to the RTS genre, and it’s better for it. Gameplay requires speed, precision and strategy, which makes for a frantic sort of fun. Artistically, the music and visuals of the game would make Tim Burton proud. The bizarre premise and art style should appeal to gamer’s humorous side, but Conflicks’ versatility will have players coming back for more.

Conflicks – Revolutionary Space Battles was reviewed on PC using a code for the game provided by the publisher.


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Greg Johnson

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Players will be wanting the soundtrack for this game. It is a perfect blend of the relaxation found in classical music and the otherworldly quality found in trance and electronica.


While the campaign mode is rich, multiplayer is where Conflicks shines. Fast-paced combat allowing varying styles of gameplay for 4 player free-for-all matches.


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