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Chuck’s Challenge 3D (PC) Review

/ Feb 24th, 2014 No Comments

Chuck's Challenge 3D (PC) Review

Chuck’s Challenge 3D is the latest puzzle game by Niffler Ltd and published by Nkidu. Puzzle games come in all shapes and forms, however Chuck’s Challenge 3D at its roots is basically a good, old-fashioned maze game where the object is to get from your start position to the entrance by finding the correct path, which is filled with various obstacles.

Gamers play the part of Woop, a puzzle-loving purple alien who enjoys nothing more than completing puzzles designed by human friend Chuck Sommerville. The puzzles start off easy enough, but as the game progresses they get more difficult with added obstacles and enemies making your life harder. Like all good puzzle games, Chuck’s Challenge 3D is time based – the faster you complete the course, the better your ranking.


Chuck’s Challenge 3D takes place from an above and slightly off-angled viewpoint, taking place on a landscape maze filled with various obstacles. There are 125 levels, each one getting more fiendishly difficult than the last, and each one throwing up new hazards and mind-scratching puzzles where you have to navigate Woop to the entrance.

The course is strewn with blocks to move, switches to flip, keys to find, water and ice to traverse, lava to run through and hungry little creatures who want to eat Woop at every given opportunity. The combination of all these obstacles makes way for a brilliant puzzle game with a lot of charm, while maintaining the right difficulty to keep players coming back for more.

Chuck's Challenge 3D

Chuck’s Challenge 3D

The game can be controlled with the arrow keys on your keyboard or with a selection of controllers. No matter which control method you choose, the game’s simple mechanics mean that it is a joy to play. On top of the standard game, Chuck’s Challenge 3D offers a create mode in which players can create their own levels using more than 70 game elements and sharing them with the world. It’s a great addition and one that some people will get a great amount of fun out of.

To further enhance gameplay, Chuck’s Challenge 3D also offers a weekly puzzle which has players taking on one of the best player-created puzzles. It’s well thought out and adds to the replay value of the title.


The game has simple but effective graphics. Due to the nature of the game, graphics do not need to be mind-blowing, however they are pretty regardless of which graphical setting the game is set on. Characters are well defined and well animated, and the color palette used suits the cartoon quality of the game. Woop is cutely drawn, as are his adversaries. Objects look good and it is easy to see what they are.

Because some of the landscapes are rather large, the game allows you to zoom in and out of the playing area, from very close to the action to far enough to see the whole playing area. As the game throws different hazards at you, the landscapes can be rotated to give different viewpoints, which can be very useful on some of the more difficult levels.


The sound is adequate for a puzzle game; nice and bouncy without being too annoying over the time the tunes are played. As always with puzzle games, sound takes a backseat as you concentrate on the task at hand.


Chuck’s Challenge 3D offers 125 levels of some seriously addictive and challenging puzzles. The added time-limit means that you always want to do better and achieve faster times. However it’s not always as simple as it looks.

Should you make a mistake while trying to solve the puzzle, the game features a rewind mechanic where you can rewind your last moves in order to correct your mistakes. This feature is invaluable in some stages where you move blocks and block yourself in and through trial and error, find the correct path.

Chuck’s Challenge 3D is a great game at a great price, with plenty to offer novice and more experienced puzzle game players. With great gameplay, graphics and sound, this is a very worthy game to download and play.

Mark Adams
Mark Adams been gaming since 1977 and owned almost every console since the original Pong machine. Gaming has always been part of his life and he enjoys a variety of games and his mind is always open to new experiences in the gaming world. Over the years he has written gaming articles for blogs and local newspapers, and he always tries and add something a little bit different from your usual review. He works in IT for a small local company in Wales, and when he's not working, he's gaming!
Mark Adams
Mark Adams
Mark Adams

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Gaming Illustrated RATING



A good old-fashioned puzzle game, with 125 levels plus a lot of extras that prolong the life of the game.


The graphics are adequate and excellent for a puzzle game. There are plenty of options for different systems, so this game should run on a quite low spec'd machine.


Nice and bouncy with being intrusive to the gameplay.


A great low price and plenty of challenge's for the player.

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