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Channer Gaming Rant – May 27, 2012

/ May 26th, 2012 No Comments

Curt Shilling and his 38 Studios Epic Fail

Carl “Channer” Armstrong is back with another gaming rant, this time talking about Diablo 3 as an E-Sport, Rift updates, Star Wars: The Old Republic patches as well as the Curt Shilling debacle with the now defunct Studio 38.

Diablo 3 an E-sport?

Diablo 3 has broken records, it’s entertaining, at the beginning you couldn’t log in, 5 classes, a multitude of combinations in player makup, addicitve gameplay. Blizzard stroke gold and again showed us why it is the gaming machine it is. While E-sports has blossomed with several hardcore games and Blizzard already dominates with SC2, is Diablo 3 an option in E-sports? Sundance DiGiovanni, co-founder of MLG, was quoted back in March saying “There’s stuff in the works, (a company in Anaheim) might be working with us, I really can’t comment.” Sundance, pay attention to commisioners like David Stern and Roger Goodell, vague statements like that won’t help us. One can only hope it’s something that’s integrated into e-sports.

Rift open world PVP …the fans have spoken!

Well they haven’t spoken yet in terms of the result but the Rift team will release a new mode called conquest where players can team up in a PVP world completely separate from the PVE world in Telara, where your either the Oathsworn, the Dominion, or Nightfall. Rift continues to be the underground party hit that respects its community and even non-fans are giving team Rift props for this addition.

SWTOR – The force is listenting with this one

Patch 1.3 for SWTOR is coming… I haven’t seen an MMO community’s requests for newer and more awesome customization needs answered faster then with this patch for TOR. Customizable weapons, a group finder and character transfers are all coming … This patch is definetly what gamers want, my only problem is I can’t customize my character to look like Jabba the Hut. What gives Bioware? Kidding aside, if you ask anyone TOR is basically speeding up the reaction time of WOW updates from when it took years for character transfers to happen on WOW it only took a few months..

Studio 38 lays off entire staff

Curt Shilling and his 38 Studios Epic Fail

Curt Shilling and his 38 Studios Epic Fail

Nice change up Curt Schilling, a few months ago you were known for the bloody sock and would have gone down as one of the great clutch pitchers of all time leading up a career in broadcasting that showcased you making a few controversial but respectable comments on the mothership network (ESPN). Unfortunately for you, now you’re known for letting go of almost 300 employees, ending their health benefits almost instantaineously and leaving Rhode Island with the bill to clean up your mess. This isn’t a bad stint with a baseball team where being traded after a bad season allows for a fresh start. 38 Studios, which had been in trouble for sometime now, made headlines for the wrong reasons due to bad investments, unable to pay back loans to local banks and an average product in terms of games. The end result is many workers without jobs who were also stiffed in pay the past month. If only there was a manager that could brush his left arm signalling “Bring in the Lefty” to fix this mess.

I’m done, I got into heated discussion with a pro ball player today on my other job and I’m still not over it.. BEAT IT…

Carl Armstrong

Carl Armstrong

Associate Editor at Gaming Illustrated
Carl Armstrong has been with GI for over four years, serving as a review writer, on-site reporter and Associate Editor. He's worked as an award winning radio show producer for The Mighty 1090 sports station, Xtrasports 1360 and was the executive technical director for the San Diego Chargers radio network from 2008-2012.


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