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CES 2016 Preview | Gaming Illustrated

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CES 2016 Preview

/ Dec 23rd, 2015 No Comments

CES 2016 Preview

2015 was a crazy year for gaming. There was the release of The Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and Halo 5, huge announcements like The Last Guardian and Shenmue 3, and the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting to get classic games from their respective back-catalogs. The newest console generation is progressing at an incredibly fast rate. Will there be more in store at CES 2016?

Gaming at CES

CES showcases the latest and future trends in consumer electronics. It isn’t E3, but there is some gaming presence. While we likely won’t see any major announcements from most gaming companies, it wouldn’t be a true CES without a few surprises that have some effect on gamers.

Razer Edition Lenovo Y Series

Razer Edition Lenovo Y Series

The gaming industry calendar really starts with CES for PC gaming and peripheral manufacturers. We will likely see the usual suspects at CES 2016, including Razer, which always brings surprises — last year, Razer unveiled the OSVR virtural reality headset. This year, the company has a partnership lined up with Lenovo to create gaming PCs, and plans to double down on Android with the Razer Forge TV. But we wouldn’t be shocked if the company announced something completely unexpected as well.

Kingston is also a company that could make a splash if it showcases a new iteration of the HyperX Cloud headset. We also know that Logitech is gearing up its gaming division, so we are excited to see what it brings to CES.

The Future Will Be Livestreamed

One big area primed for vast expansion and potential growth in gaming is streaming. Both the hardware and software side of streaming will see a growth and it will likely start at CES.

Blackout Yeti

Blue Microphones Yeti

Blue Microphones went headfirst into the streaming world last year when they had streamers live on Twitch within the booth. While Blue has many great microphone offerings, perhaps the company could have plans for a new line of products specifically targeted at streamers.

A hit at CES 2015 was the SteelSeries Sentry eye tracker. It’s a bit pricey, but it was obviously a huge leap toward the future. Could we see an enhanced version of the hardware this year with a camera update for even better eye tracking?

eSporting Goods

It’s not just all about accessories and peripherals this year at CES. With the explosive growth of eSports, there will be a major eSports presence at the show.

There will be a CS:GO tournament played live and streamed via Twitch. Perhaps the most interesting part of this tournament is that it is being sponsored by Turner Sports — the same Turner Sports that will brings you the NBA on TNT and MLB on TBS. In fact, the NBA on TNT studio team of Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley are expected to broadcast its normal NBA pre- and post-game shows live from the CES show floor.

This will be a groundbreaking year for gaming at CES. With all the gaming-related products and services, it is clear that gaming is at the forefront of modern technology.

Gaming Illustrated will be attending CES 2016 and we will have updates from the show this January.


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Sal Thomas

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Sal is a contributor to Gaming Illustrated.
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