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CES 2015 Wrap Up

/ Jan 16th, 2015 No Comments

3 Best Things CES 2016

The curtains have closed, exhibitors have packed up and left the desert, and we have escaped without catching that dreaded CES flu. CES 2015 is officially over. We saw a lot and we touched a lot, so here is a wrap up of all things CES.

Tech, Tech Everywhere

Car technology was the big thing at this year’s CES — so much so you would think this was the Detroit Auto Show. LG showed off a new LG G Watch R that is running WebOS instead of Android Wear, enabling it to be used to control almost every aspect of a new Audi vehicle. Nvidia had not one but two cars at its booth to show off the new Tegra X superchip and how it can be used. Ford showed off the new Sync 3 system, which will now support Siri. Not to be outdone, Google announced partnerships with Acura and Audi for Android Auto, and with third-party companies including Pioneer to create in-dash options.

Audi A7 with Nvidia Drive

Audi A7 with Nvidia Drive

Samsung, Sony and LG all believe that within the next few years everything in your house will be connected to the Internet, and in turn, connected to each other. It’s like the movie Smart House is becoming a reality. Home technology we saw at CES included washing machines that will text you to let you know when your laundry is done, RGB lights that can change at the swipe of a phone, and lamps that will play music when you enter a different room of the house. How far are we from actually seeing these things in our home? Apparently not too far, but the question will be whether there is enough Internet bandwidth to keep up with all these new pieces of furniture being connected.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality seems like it’s here to stay. Oculus Rift showed off a new iteration of its VR headset this year. However, the big surprise came when Razer announced the OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality) headset.

Razer OSVR

Razer OSVR

Letting programmers and designers change both the software and hardware of the Razer VR headset will be a big step in getting VR to the masses, and Razer will now be at the forefront of the movement.


The highlight of the show was the SteelSeries Sentry. SteelSeries brought gaming to CES and did it all by themselves and in a big way with the Sentry. We are still in awe with the sophisticated, yet non-intrusive design. We cannot wait to get our hands on a Sentry and put it to the test.

Sentry Eye Tracker

SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker

What was the coolest thing you read about or heard about from CES 2015? Comment below and let us know.


Sal Thomas

Sal Thomas

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