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Archive for Category: Xbox One Game Reviews

Forza Horizon 3 Review: Australian for Great

/ Oct 25th, 2016 Racing games have grown from the arcade staples of the past to the precise, realistic simulators of today. Playground 0 comments continue reading >>

ReCore Review: Beautiful Mess

/ Oct 7th, 2016 A lot has been said about ReCore. The game isn’t without faults, but it isn’t as bad as it 0 comments continue reading >>

Madden NFL 17 Review: Every Play Matters

/ Oct 6th, 2016 When you first boot up Madden NFL 17, you are thrust into the NFC championship game. Dramatic cutscenes set 0 comments continue reading >>

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review: 2000-And-Late

/ Aug 24th, 2016 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was supposed to dive deeper into the lore of Faith and the runners. The open world 0 comments continue reading >>

Inside Review: Crawling

/ Jul 28th, 2016 The “sophomore slump” usually stems from the high watermark of an introduction that creates unfair expectations. Whether it is 0 comments continue reading >>

Blues and Bullets Episode 2 Review: Gunplay Gunned Down

/ Apr 21st, 2016 In the first episode of Blues and Bullets, the game introduced players to an alternate reality in which famed 0 comments continue reading >>

RBI Baseball 16 Review: Patient at the Plate

/ Apr 6th, 2016 A few years ago, baseball gaming on Xbox One was left for dead. 2K failed to renew its agreement 0 comments continue reading >>

The Flame in the Flood Review: Riverside

/ Mar 23rd, 2016 Link’s Hyrule. Cloud’s Midgar. There are some video game locations that sear their ways into our collective consciousness, but 0 comments continue reading >>

EA Sports UFC 2 Review: One-Two Punch

/ Mar 21st, 2016 EA has traveled a long, strange path with its UFC franchise. Failing to predict UFC’s rise in popularity, the 0 comments continue reading >>

Rocket League Review: Organized Chaos

/ Mar 16th, 2016 For several years after Mario Kart 64 released, my friends and I would gather around the TV for multiplayer 0 comments continue reading >>

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