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Xbox 360 Game Reviews

Find all Xbox 360 game reviews here. After a flawed yet successful first attempt at home gaming, Microsoft debuted the successor to the Xbox in November 2005. Released a full year ahead of the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 challenged Sony’s reign as king of the gaming industry. The Xbox 360 brought along a sleeker, more ergonomic controller. The console and its peripherals have gone through major innovations since Xbox 360 first released. An HD-DVD add-on allowed users to watch movies in the short-lived HD-DVD format. The console never supported Blu-ray discs. Microsoft released the Kinect in 2010. The motion-detecting peripheral allows users to control compatible games using body motion rather than a classic controller.

Microsoft has introduced new design variants of the Xbox 360 since its initial release. At E3 2010, a smaller, quieter unit called the Xbox 360 S was unveiled. Three years later, Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 E. The updated console is designed to match the style of its successor, Xbox One, which was announced earlier that year. Despite the release of a new console, Microsoft stated the company would support Xbox 360 for several more years. Launch day consoles were sold for $299.99 with a 20 GB hard drive or $399.99 with a 60 GB of memory. By the time Xbox One was released, Microsoft was offering a stripped-down Xbox 360 S with Kinect for $199.99.

Over the course of its lifetime, Xbox 360 was home to blockbuster exclusive titles including Halo 3 and Gears of War. Microsoft also established itself as the best console for fans of the Call of Duty franchise. As of October 2013, Microsoft had sold more than 80 million Xbox 360 units across the world. Much of the console’s success was achieved in the U.S. and the console performed poorly in Japan.

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