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Archive for Category: Wii

XSEED Bringing Pandora’s Tower to America

/ Apr 8th, 2013 XSEED Games announced Pandora’s Tower will be released on Apr 16 in the U.S. The hotly anticipated role-playing game 0 comments continue reading >>

Disney Infinity Must Battle with a Giant

/ Mar 6th, 2013 Disney Infinity, a new toy figure-video game crossover by Disney Interactive, was announced back in January. The ambitious project 4 comments continue reading >>

Wii U Owners to Get Exclusive Rayman Legends Content Early

/ Feb 20th, 2013 The controversy and backlash surrounding the delay of Rayman Legends has been one of the industry’s biggest stories this 0 comments continue reading >>

Dakko Dakko Unveils Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails

/ Feb 16th, 2013 Developer Dakko Dakko, best known for the PlayStation Network title Floating Cloud God, revealed their newest project, Scram Kitty and His 0 comments continue reading >>

Nintendo Proclaims 2013 as Year of Luigi

/ Feb 15th, 2013 Nintendo announced several Luigi themed projects during the latest Nintendo Direct, claiming 2013 is the year of Luigi. In 0 comments continue reading >>

Ubisoft to Release Wii U Exclusive Rayman Legends Demo

/ Feb 11th, 2013 Ubisoft announced the company is planning is to release a second Rayman Legends demo only available for Wii U. 0 comments continue reading >>

ZombiU (Wii U) Review

/ Feb 9th, 2013 ZombiU is a survival-horror game with a first-person perspective for the Wii U. It launched alongside Nintendo’s new system 0 comments continue reading >>

Ubisoft Delays Rayman Legends, Drops Wii U Exclusivity

/ Feb 8th, 2013 In a surprising piece of news, Ubisoft has announced that Rayman Legends will no longer be a Wii U 0 comments continue reading >>

Disney Closes Epic Mickey Developer Junction Point

/ Jan 30th, 2013 In yet another sad turn of events, Disney has officially announced the closing of video game developer Junction Point. 1 comments continue reading >>

Nintendo Unveils Wii U Virtual Console, Major Updates and More

/ Jan 24th, 2013 Nintendo announced the long-awaited Wii U Virtual Console along with improved performance and new features for the Wii U during 0 comments continue reading >>

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