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Archive for Category: Wii U

Paper Mario: Color Splash Review: Cardboard Lovin’

/ Oct 19th, 2016 Paper Mario has had a sordid history due to Nintendo’s attempts to shake things up in terms of gameplay. 0 comments continue reading >>

Terraria Review: To Hell And Back Again

/ Jul 11th, 2016 Terraria isn’t a new game; it first released in 2011 for PC. Since then, it has launched on almost 2 comments continue reading >>

Terraria Physical Edition Released On Wii U

/ Jun 30th, 2016 More than 18 million copies of Terraria have been sold since the game’s release in 2011. It has launched 0 comments continue reading >>

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild E3 2016 Preview

/ Jun 22nd, 2016 Change is good. But change can be messy when you are dealing with a horde of video game fans 0 comments continue reading >>

Yooka-Laylee: Hype Rising

/ May 20th, 2016 Almost a year ago Yooka-Laylee was given a chance via Kickstarter. Roughly 73,000 backers threw down over $3 million 0 comments continue reading >>

Star Fox Zero Review: One Foxy Fox

/ May 3rd, 2016 Star Fox 64 is one of the most beloved Nintendo games of all time. Fans still look back on 2 comments continue reading >>

Nintendo Delays Zelda Wii U to 2017, Shocking No One

/ Apr 27th, 2016 Nintendo announced Zelda Wii U has been delayed again and will release in 2017. The company also revealed the 0 comments continue reading >>

The Most Popular Amiibo of 2015

/ Feb 3rd, 2016 During a briefing regarding its third quarter fiscal results, Nintendo revealed some details regarding its surprising money maker, amiibo. 0 comments continue reading >>

Watch the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct

/ Dec 15th, 2015 Nintendo will present a Nintendo Direct video at 2 p.m. PT on Dec. 15. Unlike previous Nintendo videos, the 0 comments continue reading >>

Skylanders: SuperChargers Review: Tripping the Rift

/ Oct 27th, 2015 By the time you get to the fifth entry of a series, things tend to get stale. Formulas have 0 comments continue reading >>

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