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Archive for Category: PS4 Game Reviews

Blasters of the Universe Review: A VR Hell of Bullets

/ Mar 29th, 2018 After my first night watching glowing red bullets whiz past my head in Blasters of the Universe, I awoke 0 comments continue reading >>

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Review: Kiryu and Cub

/ Mar 15th, 2018 Despite being around since 2005, Yakuza has only recently received wider recognition in the west that rivals its popularity 0 comments continue reading >>

Monster Hunter World Review: Thrill of the Hunt

/ Feb 20th, 2018 Monster Hunter World is an exhausting game. At 50 hours in, I climbed the volcanic mountain sitting on the 0 comments continue reading >>

Iconoclasts Review: Uprising

/ Feb 2nd, 2018 A promising indie game is shown off at gaming conventions, making a huge impression and leaving players salivating for 0 comments continue reading >>

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Review: Flashback

/ Jan 17th, 2018 When I was a little boy, the hottest thing around was Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. As I grew 0 comments continue reading >>

Call of Duty: WW2: Review Turning Tides

/ Nov 2nd, 2017 Three years ago, I found myself sucked into Call of Duty after a long hiatus. Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer Games’ 0 comments continue reading >>

Hob Review: Reclamation

/ Oct 12th, 2017 Trust is hard to come by, especially in video games. Now, more often than not, developers and publishers don’t 0 comments continue reading >>

Tooth & Tail Review: Food Chain

/ Oct 5th, 2017 The real-time strategy genre has long lived and prospered on PC, but attempts to bring the methodic pacing and 0 comments continue reading >>

Destiny 2 Review: Growth in the Light

/ Sep 20th, 2017 Improving one’s self is a grueling task. It forces a person to pick apart their layers with surgical precision, 0 comments continue reading >>

Destiny 2 Review in Progress: Brilliant Spark

/ Sep 8th, 2017 Before Destiny 2 launched this week, I was unsure of where I ultimately stood on the game. Was it 0 comments continue reading >>

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