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Ps4 Game Reviews | Gaming Illustrated - Part 2

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Archive for Category: PS4 Game Reviews

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 4 – Guardian of Gotham Review

/ Dec 7th, 2016 The penultimate episode of Batman: The Telltale Series is the greatest episode of the series thus far. Episode 4 0 comments continue reading >>

World of Final Fantasy Review: Stacked

/ Nov 29th, 2016 Sometimes a good game can go unnoticed because of its release date. World of Final Fantasy was set up 0 comments continue reading >>

Watch Dogs 2 Review: Sprinkle Me

/ Nov 28th, 2016 Sequels are always met with skepticism, and it’s worse if the game before failed to live up to its 0 comments continue reading >>

Aragami Review: Shady Figures

/ Nov 17th, 2016 Aragami wears its influences on its sleeve. When speaking to a member of the development team at E3, Mark 0 comments continue reading >>

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 3 – New World Order Review

/ Nov 11th, 2016 With Batman: The Telltale Series now halfway over, it is even clearer that the game is presenting new interpretations 0 comments continue reading >>

Valley Review: Faster, Stronger

/ Nov 9th, 2016 Bioshock left a huge mark on first-person games. It transformed storytelling in the genre, and many games have tried 0 comments continue reading >>

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Review: Among the Stars

/ Nov 3rd, 2016 The cards have been stacked against Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare since the gaming community at large found out 0 comments continue reading >>

Four Sided Fantasy Review: Killscreens

/ Nov 3rd, 2016 In order to present a successful product, you need something to hook your potential audience in. In video games, 0 comments continue reading >>

Shu Review: Run For Your Life

/ Oct 28th, 2016 It seems like every innovation for the platforming genre has been done, and because of this, it is difficult 0 comments continue reading >>

Watch Dogs 2 Hands-On Preview: Function

/ Oct 26th, 2016 In many different forms of media, sense of place is of huge significance. Whether it is Charles Dickens’ London, 0 comments continue reading >>

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