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PS4 | Gaming Illustrated - Part 68

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Archive for Category: PS4

Daylight Coming to PS4, PC in 2014

/ Jun 9th, 2013 The caliginous new thriller Daylight will bring a whole experience to the horror genre when it releases for PC 0 comments continue reading >>

Thief E3 Trailer Reveals Garrett The Master Thief

/ Jun 8th, 2013 Square Enix and Eidos-Montreal released a new trailer for the upcoming game Thief featuring the main character Garrett. Some 0 comments continue reading >>

Tiny Brains Confirmed for PS4

/ Jun 7th, 2013 New indie game developer Spearhead Games announced their upcoming title Tiny Brains will be available on PlayStation 4. The company 1 comments continue reading >>

Xbox One vs PS4: Apples n’ Oranges?

/ Jun 6th, 2013 Could Microsoft and Sony have made it any more difficult for gamers to form a solid opinion about the console 1 comments continue reading >>

GTA 5 Release

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PS4 Games

/ May 29th, 2013 It’s time to turn the cameras on to Sony‘s upcoming PS4 games. Here is some info on the games that 0 comments continue reading >>

GTA V Surprise Announcement at E3?

/ May 28th, 2013 GTA V has been very elusive since its official announcement almost two years ago. After all, there was about 7 comments continue reading >>

Splinter Cell 6 – Optional Action

/ May 24th, 2013 When the first gameplay footage of Splinter Cell 6 was shown, fans of the franchise were caught off guard. 0 comments continue reading >>

Destiny Live-Action Trailer Debuts

/ May 24th, 2013 Bungie released a new live-action trailer for the upcoming project Destiny and stated gameplay will be shown for the 0 comments continue reading >>

PS4 Controller Continuing a Tradition of Innovation

/ May 24th, 2013 PS4 Controller is a revolutionary evolution of Sony’s famous DualShock technology. The core design of the PS4 controller is 3 comments continue reading >>

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