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Was The Division’s Gameplay at E3 Deceptive?

/ Jul 3rd, 2013 After a bio-terror attack throws the city of New York into chaos, players as an agent of The Division, 1 comments continue reading >>

Assassin’s Creed 4: High Expectations For The Series

/ Jul 3rd, 2013 Assassin’s Creed 4’s trailers are stunning and intense, there is no mistaking that fact. The trailers show off the 0 comments continue reading >>

Watch Dogs E3 Impressions

/ Jul 2nd, 2013 For anyone who had seen Ubisoft‘s brief and seductively fast-paced intro at 2012’s E3 conference, it would seem that 0 comments continue reading >>

Tom Clancy’s The Division E3 Impressions

/ Jun 27th, 2013 For as much good as the Internet does, it also spoils plenty of things. E3 used to be packed 0 comments continue reading >>

Sony Admits Xbox One Backlash Useful

/ Jun 27th, 2013 Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida admitted that the backlash from Xbox One’s used game and 24-hour online check-in policies was “useful” 0 comments continue reading >>

Assassins Creed 4 Gameplay E3 Reveal

/ Jun 25th, 2013 Assassins Creed 4 gameplay had a good showing at E3 2013. So, for those who have been aching for 0 comments continue reading >>

Destiny E3 Demo Impressions

/ Jun 25th, 2013 Though it was teased for years and finally announced months ago, little had been known or seen about Destiny. That all 3 comments continue reading >>

The Order 1886 Announced as PS4 Exclusive

/ Jun 20th, 2013 Ready at Dawn Studios announced thier new game, The Order 1886 at E3. The Order 1886 will be a 0 comments continue reading >>

Infamous: Second Son E3 Impressions

/ Jun 20th, 2013 The Infamous games have been great comic book fantasies without venturing too far into the tights and capes. The 0 comments continue reading >>

Destiny Gameplay Unveiled at E3

/ Jun 20th, 2013 Bungie unveiled the first gameplay footage of the upcoming first-person shooter Destiny in a trailer shown during the Sony 0 comments continue reading >>

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