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Archive for Category: PC Game Reviews

The Novelist (PC) Review

/ Dec 26th, 2013 Video games are great at getting a reaction out of players. As players, there’s really no other choice. If 0 comments continue reading >>

Democracy 3 (PC) Review

/ Dec 12th, 2013 Democracy 3 developed and published by Positech Games (and available on Steam) enlightens players to the complexities of the most 0 comments continue reading >>

Race the Sun (PC) Review

/ Dec 7th, 2013 Speeding through worlds that change daily, dodging obstacles that want nothing more than to destroy player vehicles, and avoiding 0 comments continue reading >>

Wasteland Re-Release (PC) Review

/ Dec 3rd, 2013 The post-apocalyptic world has become a popular video game setting thanks almost entirely to the Fallout game franchise that 0 comments continue reading >>

Deadfall Adventures (PC) Review

/ Nov 14th, 2013 Introduction Deadfall Adventures then is an action adventure first-person game with puzzle and shooting elements for the PC. There’s nothing 0 comments continue reading >>

Blood of the Werewolf (PC) Review

/ Nov 13th, 2013 Many claim that it is hard to beat the classics. Classic movies, classic films, classic rock and classic games 0 comments continue reading >>

Defense Technica (PC) Review

/ Nov 6th, 2013 Developed by Kuno Interactive and published by Devolver Digital, Defense Technica is a tower defense game that tries to 0 comments continue reading >>

Forced (PC) Review

/ Nov 4th, 2013 The world of Action Role-playing Games has become incredibly saturated this year, and now developer BetaDwarf is taking their 0 comments continue reading >>

Pool Nation (PC) Review

/ Nov 3rd, 2013 Pool Nation released on the PC (via Steam) and developed/published by Cherry Pop Games is the first official “Pool-sim” 0 comments continue reading >>

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