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Archive for Category: Nintendo Switch

5 Arguments to Settle With 1-2-Switch

/ Mar 14th, 2017 People love to argue. But how do you settle arguments? Do you play rock-paper-scissors or eeny, meeny, miny, moe? 0 comments continue reading >>

6 Must-Have Nintendo Switch Accessories

/ Mar 13th, 2017 March 3 was a monumental day for Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch, the company’s new console, released and a new 0 comments continue reading >>

What’s in Your Box: Breathe Out

/ Mar 11th, 2017 Each week, we here at Gaming Illustrated are always playing a number of different video games. However, we may 0 comments continue reading >>

1-2-Switch Review: Switchcraft

/ Mar 10th, 2017 Nintendo has always been a leader in terms of innovation, even if that has meant crossing over to the 0 comments continue reading >>

5 Exciting Indie Games Coming to Nintendo Switch

/ Mar 2nd, 2017 One of Nintendo’s biggest hurdles since the Wii was released has been third-party support. Because Nintendo’s home consoles have 0 comments continue reading >>

GameStop to Stock Limited Supply of Nintendo Switch for Walk-ins

/ Feb 22nd, 2017 GameStop retail locations will be carrying a “limited supply” of Nintendo Switch consoles for walk-in purchases on launch day, 0 comments continue reading >>

Nintendo Switch Paid Online Service: Tricky Business

/ Jan 31st, 2017 Back when Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 in 2005, it made the ballsy move to charge for its Xbox 0 comments continue reading >>

5 Reasons I’m Getting a Nintendo Switch Day One

/ Jan 19th, 2017 After a long wait and a herd of rumors, Nintendo finally pulled the veil off its newest console during 0 comments continue reading >>

Nintendo Switch Presentation: The Nintendo Fumble

/ Jan 16th, 2017 Nintendo officially unveiled its latest console, the Nintendo Switch, during a press conference in Japan. Going into the event, 0 comments continue reading >>

Nintendo Switch Release Date and Price Announced

/ Jan 12th, 2017 The Nintendo Switch release date is March 3, 2017 worldwide, Nintendo announced today at a reveal event for the 0 comments continue reading >>

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