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Archive for Category: Nintendo Switch Game Reviews

Ageless Review: Definition

/ Sep 15th, 2020 What am I doing? Where am I going? What is my purpose? Who hasn’t asked themselves these questions a 0 comments continue reading >>

Moonlighter: Between Dimensions Review: Gauntlet

/ Sep 14th, 2020 A profound seachange in video game development since the advent of easy digital distribution has been the rise of 1 comments continue reading >>

Faeria Review: Land Grab

/ Sep 11th, 2020 Faeria combines the excitement of terraforming land with the strategic depth of card battles. It is like Catan by 0 comments continue reading >>

Neon Abyss Review: Tick Tock

/ Sep 3rd, 2020 Imagine the enormity of killing a God. Now imagine killing several Gods. What are the limits you’d go to 1 comments continue reading >>

CrossCode Review: On the Line

/ Sep 2nd, 2020 What if we’re all just in a simulation? It’s the Matrix, dude! We know kung fu? CrossCode takes that 0 comments continue reading >>

Evan’s Remains Review: Honey Pot

/ Aug 31st, 2020 Humans are problem solvers. If there is an obstacle in our way, we want to remove it. We want 0 comments continue reading >>

Neverending Nightmares Review: Wake Up!

/ Aug 10th, 2020 Mental Health conditions are being taken more seriously nowadays. People are much more aware of the existence of mental 0 comments continue reading >>

Resolutiion Review: Allegoravania

/ Jul 16th, 2020 Resolutiion challenges players to discover. Nothing is easily gained or given, but if you’re willing to put in the 0 comments continue reading >>

Summer in Mara Review: Come…Sail Away!

/ Jul 15th, 2020 Summer in Mara has some rough edges. In spite of them, it is a wildly addictive game. 0 comments continue reading >>

Darksiders: Genesis Review: 2 Guns

/ May 11th, 2020 Darksiders is a series that possessed a lot of potential and tremendous upside after a solid initial outing. However, 0 comments continue reading >>