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Archive for Category: Nintendo Switch Game Reviews

Nine Parchments Review: Spellbinding

/ Jan 10th, 2018 The balancing act between the single-player and co-op experiences is a major struggle in today’s gaming climate. Should there 0 comments continue reading >>

Caveman Warriors Review: Stone Slugs

/ Dec 14th, 2017 Nostalgia in modern video gaming isn’t always about evoking memories of games or genres we used to love. It 0 comments continue reading >>

Stick It to the Man Review: Head Trip

/ Dec 7th, 2017 One of the most interesting aspects of the Nintendo Switch is how easily it has allowed gamers to re-visit 0 comments continue reading >>

Morphite Review: No One’s Sky

/ Nov 29th, 2017 Learning from someone else’s failures isn’t too hard, but distinguishing yourself from that failure when similarities exists is. Morphite 0 comments continue reading >>

Battle Chef Brigade Review: Duel of the Iron Chefs

/ Nov 27th, 2017 Capturing the magic and creativity of cooking is a hard task for a video game. Many cooking games focus 0 comments continue reading >>

88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition Review: The Z-Team

/ Nov 9th, 2017 Sometimes all it takes is a solid gimmick to get you over. In video games, a gimmick is often 0 comments continue reading >>

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack Review: Legacy

/ Oct 24th, 2017 Gamers have been aching for a return of classic Mega Man-style gameplay since the series has seemingly been abandoned 0 comments continue reading >>

SteamWorld Dig 2 Review: Striking Gold

/ Oct 3rd, 2017 Image & Form Games has slowly been building a deep universe of steam-powered robots. The original SteamWorld Dig was 0 comments continue reading >>

Phantom Trigger Review: Dissociation

/ Sep 11th, 2017 When a video game is firing on all cylinders, it usually strikes a balance between its sound, art, gameplay 0 comments continue reading >>

Death Squared Review: Quality Insurance

/ Aug 15th, 2017 In co-op games, it often feels like any additional players are just extra gunmen hired to manage inflated odds 0 comments continue reading >>

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