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Archive for Category: Mobile

Nobody Said It Was Easy (Mobile) Review

/ Feb 10th, 2015 Nobody Said It Was Easy will more than likely have players snapping their phones in half. Released on the 0 comments continue reading >>

Deadlings (iOS) Review

/ Mar 31st, 2014 Artifix Mundi are not well known in the mobile gaming world, but all this could change with the release 0 comments continue reading >>

NBA Rush (iOS) Review

/ Feb 7th, 2014 If aliens came down to Earth, stole talent from some of the best NBA players and challenged Looney Tunes 0 comments continue reading >>

Archangel (iOS) Review

/ Jan 30th, 2014 Unity Games, the publishing arm of the developers behind the popular Unity game engine, debuted the company’s first “core” 0 comments continue reading >>

Battle Supremacy (iOS) Review

/ Jan 15th, 2014 When your only clue as to the location of the enemy is a tree falling or animal scurrying across 0 comments continue reading >>

Darklings (iOS) Review

/ Dec 13th, 2013 Now that the windfall of new consoles and games has waned, gamers everywhere are looking for a casual no-thought 0 comments continue reading >>

Galaxy Factions (iOS) Review

/ Dec 2nd, 2013 Clash of Clans has maintained its spot near the top of the App Store’s most downloaded list for some 0 comments continue reading >>

Pocket God: Ooga Jump (iOS) Review

/ Nov 23rd, 2013 Pocket God: Ooga Jump by Bolt Creative is an endless jumping game which takes the old Doodle Jump formula 0 comments continue reading >>

King’s League: Odyssey (iOS) Review

/ Nov 21st, 2013 “King’s League: Odyssey” for iOS devices is a previously browser only real time strategy game where players are charged 0 comments continue reading >>

Trouserheart (iOS) Review

/ Nov 20th, 2013 In a mash-up of hack and slash arcade style gaming and the age old stories of adventures to reclaim 0 comments continue reading >>

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