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Archive for Category: Mobile

Orconoid Review

/ Jan 2nd, 2017 There are many games that enable players to dish out all manner of punishment to orcs. Orconoid, by BlueFXGames, 0 comments continue reading >>

Wind-Up Warrior Review

/ Dec 13th, 2016 The massive catalog of mobile RPGs gives the impression that there’s little room for titles with originality or new 0 comments continue reading >>

New Tap Order 2 Review

/ Nov 8th, 2016 New Tap Order 2 by Aliasing Games is the latest addition to a massive field of tap-based physics titles 1 comments continue reading >>

Axle (Android) Review

/ Aug 25th, 2014 Developed and published by Fallstreak Studio, Axle serves as the studio’s first release. Fallstreak Studio was founded by a 0 comments continue reading >>

Tiny Token Empires (Android) Review

/ Jun 24th, 2013 Tiny Token Empires is a new game by HeroCraft/BiP Media for Android mobile devices. The game is a combination 0 comments continue reading >>

The Croods (Android) Review

/ Mar 24th, 2013 The Croods is a brand new game on Android from Angry Birds creators Rovio. it’s based on the new 0 comments continue reading >>

Real Racing 3 (Android) Review

/ Mar 17th, 2013 Not too long ago Electronic Arts released Real Racing 3 on iOS. Now it is available for Android, so 2 comments continue reading >>

Fun Run (Android) Review

/ Mar 16th, 2013 Some games are fun, some games are addictive, some games should be played with friends, and some games do 0 comments continue reading >>

Temple Run 2 (Android) Review

/ Mar 9th, 2013 Temple Run 2 by Imangi Studios follows the steps of the original Temple Run by offering an endless running 0 comments continue reading >>

Ninja Sprint (Android) Review

/ Dec 22nd, 2012 Ninja Sprint is a new game by Eastasiasoft, and promises to bring a lot of fun and action in 0 comments continue reading >>

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