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Archive for Category: Legacy

Blinx Xbox

/ May 9th, 2002 It comes to a point when you have to stop playing a game and seriously ask yourself ‘what am 0 comments continue reading >>

Wacked Xbox

/ Apr 4th, 2002 You’re the next victim- i mean er-contestant in the xbox’s newest installment by microsoft and presto studios called “Wacked!” 0 comments continue reading >>

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker GameCube Review

/ Mar 2nd, 2002 If there’s one thing I really don’t like in gaming is serious fanboy culture, it’s nonsensical, unconstructive and frankly, 0 comments continue reading >>

Rogue Leader GameCube Review

/ Feb 14th, 2002 Star Wars… things have certainly taken a turn for the better of late, Jedi Knight 2 was superb, Attack 0 comments continue reading >>

NFL 2K2 Xbox Review

/ Jan 8th, 2002 Being a Dreamcast owner, I’m no stranger to the much heralded NFL2K series. In fact, NFL2K was the reason 0 comments continue reading >>

King of Fighters 2000/2001

/ Jan 5th, 2002 Just when we thought ultimate pop culture arcade game obsession had come and gone with Pac-Man, a game called 0 comments continue reading >>

Star Wars Starfighter: SE Xbox Review

/ Dec 30th, 2001 Star Wars Starfighter Special Edition takes players on an epic journey that begins on Naboo and continues through the 0 comments continue reading >>

Gran Turismo 3

/ Dec 22nd, 2001 To racing fans this is known as the Holy Grail of racing games. Three years in the making, and 0 comments continue reading >>

Metroid Prime Gamecube

/ Nov 19th, 2001 So here comes Metroid, the game that the vast majority say ‘who?’ to. Nintendo’s lesser known heroine, Samus, has 0 comments continue reading >>

Halo Xbox

/ Nov 15th, 2001 The Xbox has arrived and with it comes the eagerly awaited Halo by Bungee software. I got home on 2 comments continue reading >>

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