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Archive for Category: Legacy

The Lesson Game Companies Should Learn from Sonic Mania

/ Jan 25th, 2018 With the growing availability of digital tools, it has become more popular for video game fans to show their 0 comments continue reading >>

NES and SNES Classic: A Tale of Two Mini-Consoles

/ Sep 7th, 2017 The recent resurgence of classic gaming has seen all manner of companies try to fan the flames of nostalgia, 0 comments continue reading >>

Rayman SNES Prototype Now Available to Play

/ Jul 4th, 2017 A playable prototype demo of an unreleased Rayman game for the Super Nintendo is now available on the internet. 0 comments continue reading >>

Nintendo Announces Super Nintendo Classic

/ Jun 26th, 2017 Nintendo announced the Super Nintendo Classic, a miniature version of its Super Nintendo console, will release on Sept. 29 0 comments continue reading >>

NES Classic Edition is More Classic Than You Think

/ Sep 30th, 2016 The NES Classic Edition, an updated and miniaturized version of the Nintendo Entertainment System, is set to launch Nov. 0 comments continue reading >>

Spotify Debuts Portal Dedicated to Video Games

/ Aug 12th, 2016 Spotify, the online music streaming service, launched a web portal dedicated to video game music. Through the page, users 0 comments continue reading >>

System Shock: A Brief Retrospective

/ Jul 20th, 2016 1994 saw a plethora of groundbreaking games released across numerous platforms. Earthworm Jim, Wing Commander III: The Heart of 0 comments continue reading >>

Nintendo Introducing NES Classic this November

/ Jul 15th, 2016 Nintendo announced the NES Classic Edition, a new take on one of its most classic consoles, will release on 0 comments continue reading >>

EA Details Star Wars Games Release Schedule

/ Jun 12th, 2016 EA detailed its plans for a number of Star Wars game projects including a release window for Visceral Games‘ 1 comments continue reading >>

Greg’s Cheers to Gaming: Tomba! Pig Drinker

/ May 26th, 2016 Throughout time, man has pondered ways to make videogames more enjoyable. Like most things, alcohol was the answer. Greg’s 0 comments continue reading >>

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