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Boyfriend Dungeon: Talking Cuties and Dunjs with Kitfox Games

/ Aug 16th, 2018 Boyfriend Dungeon caught our attention last year when Kitfox Games announced it was in development. Not only because Moon 0 comments continue reading >>

Seth Robinson on the Making of Dink Smallwood

/ Sep 19th, 2017 Indie games have risen in popularity next to their mainstream cousins. Smaller game developers have found a niche by 1 comments continue reading >>

Suda51 Strikes Again: No More Middlemen

/ Sep 5th, 2017 Prior to PAX West, Nintendo showcased its selection of Nindies coming to Switch for the rest of the year 0 comments continue reading >>

Taylor Kurosaki on How Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Transcends Setting

/ Dec 19th, 2016 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare presented a bold leap for a franchise that has often been accused of resting 0 comments continue reading >>

Jason Scott Talks about Preserving Games with the Internet Archive

/ Aug 29th, 2016 Since it started in 1996, the Internet Archive has remained steadfast in its primary goal: digitally preserving knowledge in 1 comments continue reading >>

Jason Blundell Wants to Keep Players Guessing in Black Ops 3

/ Nov 12th, 2015 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has broken its fair share of records in terms of sales and player 0 comments continue reading >>

Dan Bunting Talks Treyarch’s Unique Style in Black Ops 3

/ Nov 10th, 2015 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is finally here for players to get their fix on one of the 0 comments continue reading >>

Doc Jeromy Adams Speaks on Extra Life and Its Growth

/ Oct 28th, 2015 Back in 2013, Gaming Illustrated spoke to Doc Jeromy Adams about Extra Life. Learning about the organization, the good 0 comments continue reading >>

Greg Reisdorf Talks Advanced Warfare’s Mulltiplayer Evolution

/ Nov 11th, 2014 Throughout the years, Call of Duty multiplayer has largely remained the same. A few minor enhancements have helped keep 0 comments continue reading >>

Spry Fox’s David Edery Opens Up About Road Not Taken

/ Jul 31st, 2014 Though Road Not Taken is a puzzle game with many roguelike elements, the story behind the game’s creation has much deeper 0 comments continue reading >>

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