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Archive for Category: Hardware

Monthly Gaming-inspired Loot Crate Announced

/ Jan 29th, 2016 Monthly subscription content is becoming increasingly popular. While less people are receiving print magazines in their mailboxes, they are 0 comments continue reading >>

Is Razer Stealthly Reaching for the Stars with its New Watch?

/ Jan 7th, 2016 Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I was able to incorporate each of Razer’s new products into a single title. It 0 comments continue reading >>

Oculus Rift Gets Price, Available for Pre-Order

/ Jan 6th, 2016 Oculus’ virtual reality platform, the Oculus Rift, will cost users $599 and has an expected shipping date of March 0 comments continue reading >>

Paranormal Activity VR Game and Vive VR Headset Coming to Theaters

/ Oct 22nd, 2015 Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, the final installment of the Paranormal Activity movie franchise, will release in theaters Friday. 0 comments continue reading >>

Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse Latest to Join Chroma Line

/ Jun 23rd, 2015 At E3 2015, Razer unveiled the new Razer Mamba and Razer Mamba Tournament Edition gaming mice. The new line 0 comments continue reading >>

Polk Audio Announces Striker Pro Headset

/ Jun 16th, 2015 Polk Audio announced the latest addition to its gaming sound lineup, the Striker Pro. The Striker Pro will be 0 comments continue reading >>

Razer Firefly Mouse Mat is the Coolest Mouse Pad

/ May 21st, 2015 Razer announced the Razer Firefly mouse mat will release this June for $59.99. The hard mouse mat features Razer’s 0 comments continue reading >>

Logitech Announces G303 Daedalus Apex Performance Gaming Mouse

/ Mar 11th, 2015 Logitech is taking aim at the eSports community with the G303 Daedalus Apex Performance Edition Gaming Mouse. The mouse 0 comments continue reading >>

SteelSeries Announces Apex M800 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

/ Jan 11th, 2015 SteelSeries announced the Apex M800 mechanical gaming keyboard, which the hardware manufacturer is touting as the world’s fastest, most 0 comments continue reading >>

CES 2015 Day Two Wrap Up

/ Jan 8th, 2015 Las Vegas continues to be the center of the tech world this week as the city plays host to 1 comments continue reading >>

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