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Archive for Category: Editorials

Do You Really Want to Play Dead Space 3 On An iPhone?

/ Jun 18th, 2012 We’ve all read them, articles prognosticating the slow death of the gaming console. Androids, iPhones, and iPad Retina displays 4 comments continue reading >>

A Little Perspective

/ Jun 17th, 2012 Every game developer out there has to sit down at a table with a dozen other people and ask 1 comments continue reading >>

MLG Partners with CBS to Broadcast e-Sports

/ Jun 14th, 2012 MLG is blowing the competition away in certain aspects, especially in growth. MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni announced that CBS 0 comments continue reading >>

Sony E3 Press Conference Retrospective

/ Jun 13th, 2012 As we push forward through the big 5 of the E3 press conferences, Sony had a lot of questions 0 comments continue reading >>

The Slow Death of Baseball Games

/ Jun 12th, 2012 Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of 2K Sports, announced their planned releases for the 2013 fiscal year in a 0 comments continue reading >>

E3 2012 Winners and Losers

/ Jun 11th, 2012 E3 2012 has come and gone without much of the excitement traditionally present at the annual expo. Most of 0 comments continue reading >>

A New Wave in e-Sports

/ Jun 10th, 2012 Quick, what sport is one of the fastest growing in the world, draws thousands of screaming fans to its 0 comments continue reading >>

Diablo III Auction House and Micro Transactions

/ Jun 9th, 2012 Micro transactions are transforming the gaming community more than you think. When most people think micro transactions they think 0 comments continue reading >>

E3 2012 Day 3 Report

/ Jun 8th, 2012 E3 2012‘s last day kicked off on Thursday, June 7th amid gamers, media and industry insiders alike trying to 0 comments continue reading >>

E3 Coverage: EA Press Conference

/ Jun 7th, 2012 E3 is finally here, there is always so much to divulge in so little time, but looking at what 0 comments continue reading >>

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