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Archive for Category: Editorials

New Game Releases: August 12th-17th

/ Aug 12th, 2012 This week’s game releases include Sleeping Dogs (Xbox 360), Darksiders II (Xbox 360/PS3/PC), Dust: An Elysian Tail (XBLA), and 0 comments continue reading >>

Indoctrination of DLC: Target them while they’re Young

/ Aug 12th, 2012 When it comes to downloadable content in gaming, there are many divergent and strong opinions, feelings and points of 0 comments continue reading >>

Tekken – A Series Overview

/ Aug 9th, 2012 The Tekken series of games first entered the gaming world back in 1994, and since then it has gone 1 comments continue reading >>

Three’s Generally a Crowd… Or At Least Something You’ll Probably Regret

/ Aug 6th, 2012 I’m a marathoner. Last month, one episode of “The Mentalist” turned into four straight days of every episode of 2 comments continue reading >>

Fighting Games – A Look at the Genre

/ Aug 6th, 2012 The fighting game has been one of the hardest games to perfect over the years. Games programmers have had 0 comments continue reading >>

New Game Releases: August 5th-11th

/ Aug 5th, 2012 This upcoming week’s game releases include a music-based shooter for PC (Symphony), a continuation of the Persona series (Persona 0 comments continue reading >>

Why Does the Gaming Industry Continue Dying Franchises?

/ Aug 1st, 2012 Few things become more valuable when reproduced. Think financial inflation or Ikea furniture. Items tend to lose their swag, 0 comments continue reading >>

Real Money Auction House – Diablo 3 Guide

/ Aug 1st, 2012 Now that the real money auction house within Diablo 3 has been open to the world for several months 1 comments continue reading >>

AAA Games: Think Ahab Only with Joysticks

/ Jul 31st, 2012 Triple A. AAA. Brings up good vibes and juju in your heart, doesn’t it? The acronym can mean your 0 comments continue reading >>

New Game Releases: Week of July 29th to August 4th

/ Jul 29th, 2012 This upcoming week’s video game releases have something for everyone: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Deadlight: a side-scrolling 1 comments continue reading >>

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