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Call of Duty: United Offensive

/ Jan 19th, 2003 No Comments

Odds are if you are already familiar with Call of Duty, you don’t need to be briefed on how great the original Call of Duty game was. Call of Duty: United Offensive is a worth while expansion to an already stellar game. If you did not get enough single player action with the first game, this expansion offers another 13 single player levels.

The single player campaign takes you through a campaign through the eyes of an American Solider as you help to fight off the last ditch efforts by the Germans to stop the invasion of Germany with the battle Bastogne and the Bulge. A downed British B-17 Gunner after a bombing run over Germany in September of 1941 met up with a ground assault team on a sabotage mission preceding “Operation Husky” in Sicily, and finally you take the role of a Russian infantry man fighting back the Germans as you experience elements of Trench Warfare, large tank battles and clearing bombed out cities.

Something you will notice throughout the single player portion of the expansion is how much larger some of the battles are compared to the original campaigns. There are simply more and more Germans out to get you, which makes it just that much harder to stay alive.

into the heat of battle

As the title United Offensive implies, the game has a tendency to imply … offense, maybe? You got it! A few weapons were added to the game to change the aspects of the gameplay slightly. You are now able to carry around weapons such as the Browning .30 caliber machine gun, the Degtyarev 7.62mm light machine gun, and the MG 34 machine gun. With these weapons you can carry them around then with a right click, set them down in a deployed bi-pod, and start carpeting the enemy with firepower. Also added were the M1A1 reloadable bazooka and the Panzershcrek. When there is a tank ready for the killing, odds are one of these weapons is lying around waiting for you to pick it up and wreck havoc on that annoying armored vehicle. Other notable weapons appearing in the expansion include, the Tokarev SVT-40 Rifle, the Tokarev TT-33 sidearm, the Silenced Sten Mk IIs for spec-ops missions, the Webley Mk 4 revolver, the Gewehr 43 rifle, and who can forget the always fun Flamethrower. Without being able to run around and burn your enemies to a crisp, how could any self-respecting WWII game even look at itself in the mirror?

There is one more element to war that is covered in United Offensive. Although much of the game takes place on foot there are several missions where you take control, or man an external gun on a vehicle, to help you and your team accomplish your mission. You will have the chance to sit in the side car of a motorcycle, man the gun of a patrol boat as your team is being chased down over water, as well as man the various guns of a B-17 bomber as seemingly endless waves of fighter planes try to shoot you down. Once you get to the Russian side, you will also have a chance to sit in the seat of a tank as you fight off the Germans in some epic tank battles. Thankfully the vehicle battles are not the main focus of United Offensive, but they definitely add to the feel of the game and make the entire experience just that much more enjoyable to help breakup the endless running you do in a standard FPS.


To some people the single player aspect of a game is absolutely meaningless; all they want is an awesome multiplayer experience. With United Offensive you get more than you could ever get with just Call of Duty. 11 new multiplayer maps have been added as well as 3 new game types: Domination, Capture the Flag, and Base Assault. With these new maps you are now able to take control of tanks, jeeps, and trucks, where you can load up all your buddies and charge forward into battle keeping them as protected as possible. You also have new weapons such as the flamethrower and deployable machineguns as well as some new items such as smoke grenades and binoculars so that you can call in mortar strikes. Though none of these multiplayer modes are truly original they offer nice additions to the standard modes already offered for Call of Duty.

Graphics & Sound

The graphics and audio of Call of Duty are on par with the original game, however, there are some missions with a lot more going on than the original. It is simply amazing how many explosions and enemies that will fit on the screen at one time along with a couple of tanks, and all of them are after you and your squad. Everything is accurately rendered, though I still feel the character models could use a few more polygons though sacrifices have to be made to keep the body counts high. The effects of explosions and gunfire help to surround and engulf you in the game. It was plenty enough realistic to help confuse you as mortars were going off and bullets surrounded you. You actually have to put some focus into your game to more around efficiently.

overall impressions

Overall, Call of Duty: United Offensive is a good addition to the already fantastic CoD franchise. The single player missions give you more of the same action plus some new aspects which keep the game play fresh enough to keep you interested. The new multiplayer maps and modes give Call of Duty a good lift to add more variety to the game play and add modes that have always been popular in the online community. If you loved Call of Duty, you will love playing the expansion and seeing the new things it has to offer.

Dan Culver

Dan Culver

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