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Bungie Details First Destiny Expansion “The Dark Below”

/ Oct 30th, 2014 No Comments

Destiny: The Dark Below

Bungie announced the first expansion for Destiny titled “The Dark Below” will release on Dec. 9 2014.

The expansion will be available for $19.99, or as part of the season pass for $34.99 which includes the second expansion, “House of Wolves.”

“The Dark Below” will expand the experience for Destiny by adding new story missions, equipment, multiplayer maps and more. The expansion will focus on the forces of the Hive attempting to summon their god, Crota. A new character named Eris will appear in the Tower to give players new bounties and three new story missions.


The Dark Below

The Dark Below

Players will be able to upgrade their guardians in new ways. The maximum light level will be raised to 32, up from the base game’s light level of 30. The expansion will add new weapons, armor and exotics to the arsenal. Expect new raid gear to help increase light level, along with new ship and sparrow variants. Five new bounty slots will also be added.

[adsense250itp]Three new competitive arenas for the Crucible will be added to the game. The Pantheon takes place in the Black Garden on Mars and supports all multiplayer modes. Skyshock allows for vehicular combat in an interplanetary defense array on Earth. The Cauldron is an abandoned Hive ritual site focused on close quarters combat and a central choke point.

“Will of Crota” is a new cooperative strike where players face off against Omnigul, who is attempting to strengthen the Hive forces in preparation for Crota’s reign on Earth. Guardians will enter the Jovian Complex to rid Earth of Omnigul and her evil. A new six player cooperative raid titled “Crota’s End” will likely have players face off against the Hive god.

PS4 and PS3 players will be treated to an additional strike titled “The Undying Mind” which takes place in the Black Garden. As with previous PlayStation-exclusive Destiny content, it will remain exclusive until fall of 2015. Bungie plans to announce more details about the expansion closer to its release.

Quick Take

Destiny has been a roller coaster ride since release. The game certainly has its good qualities but over time, a lack of fresh content has caused most of the base experience to grow stale on some players. “The Dark Below” looks to move things in the right direction and will possibly improve mission and story structure. Hopefully Bungie will add free content and updates to the game before the expansion releases.


Ben Sheene

Ben Sheene

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Ben Sheene

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