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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Announced for 2013

/ Oct 1st, 2012 No Comments

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons Trailer Screen
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons Trailer Screen

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

505 Games recently announced a new game in development entitled Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. 505 Games has teamed up with Starbreeze Studios and director Josef Fares to develop and release the game.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons focuses on two boys, the titular brothers/sons, who must journey into the wild to find a cure for the sickness that has stricken their father. Having run out of options, the sons must find the mythical “Waters of Life” to restore life to their dying father. In the midst of this quest, the sons must learn to depend on one another for survival and find strength even in their own weaknesses.

Starbreeze Studios will develop the game with Josef Fares overseeing the vision of the game. 505 Games will publish the game set for release next year. Starbreeze Studios’ past works include the Chronicles of Riddick games, The Darkness and Syndicate. 505 Games has published several high profile games, the most recent being Sniper Elite V2. Josef Fares has won a Crystal-Simorgh award for directing, as well as having some success in the Festival scene and being marked as a director to watch by Variety back in 2006. Fares has directed and written several films in his home country of Sweden.

Josef Fares wanted to tell the story of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons as a video game as opposed to his native medium of film.

“When I first visualized [sic] Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons I knew I wanted to combine the deep, engrossing storyline of a film with the physical experience of a video game, allowing players to emotionally connect with the characters as they trek across sweeping, interactive environments such as peaceful vistas, foreboding forests and dangerous mountainsides,” Fares said in a press release.

“I chose to partner with Starbreeze and 505 Games to make my vision a reality and am confident that together we are creating an amazing and unique experience for gamers.”

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons Trailer Screen

Hey, I dislike the cut of this rock creature’s jib.

505 Games and Starbreeze Studios posted a teaser trailer at the game’s official website, The trailer begins by zooming in on a mountain range with trees swaying then pans through several locations: a forest, a village, a mill and then a bridge.

When the trailer cuts to the bridge, two boys (one who looks to be in his teens and the other in late adolescence) run across the bridge. It jump cuts from them crossing the bridge to the brothers jumping across rock platforms jutting out of a river. Finally, the trailer ends with the older brother pushing the younger one up a ledge and then shows them climbing vines on a rock wall with some sort of rock creature climbing alongside them. As a teaser, it does not reveal much, but the footage does point toward the game focusing on platforming. The most interesting portion of the teaser is that rock creature that climbs alongside the brothers. Whether that creature is a potential enemy or ally for the brothers is unclear though.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (formerly known as P13) will hit the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Steam in Spring 2013. Prices and a solid release date along with more screenshots and trailers should be released in the coming months.

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Kalvin Martinez

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