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Blok Drop U (Wii U) Review

/ May 6th, 2014 No Comments

Blok Drop U–published and developed by RCMADIAX for the Wii U–is exactly what it sounds like: a puzzle game in which players must drop a block; that simple. Well maybe not that simple; there are only specific areas in which the block can fall and the challenges get increasingly more difficult as the game progresses.

Blok Drop U was developed by a one-man team and released via Nintendo’s eShop. While it is a very basic puzzle game in concept, it by no means should be overlooked.

Block Drops, Wash, Rinse, Repeat

In Blok Drop U, players must click various-sized white blocks in order to drop their small red block onto the safety of varying black platforms. As players advance through levels, the challenges increase and the addition of new obstacles is implemented, keeping Blok Drop U both challenging and fresh.

Falling into the endless abyss, an apt description of the player's time upon getting locked into Blok Drop U.

Falling into the endless abyss, an apt description of the player’s time upon getting locked into Blok Drop U.

Overall, the challenges are fairly complex, but some can seem a little static once the formula of the game is figured out. Often times, the varying drops can be completed in just a couple deletions of white blocks, which can lead to a feeling of tedium despite the complex appearance of many challenges.

The addition of obstacles such as blades, which will destroy any block they touch, certainly adds a bit of flavor to Blok Drop U and helps spice up the familiar puzzle game while not overly flourishing the presentation to a point of gaudiness.

The Quiet Before the Block Drops

Overall, Blok Drop U is nothing amazing to look at; the game keeps itself very simple yet the varying parts of the game are all easily recognizable from one another. Color is used well to keep objects diverse enough to be identified easily, yet not so complex and extravagant as to distract players from the task at hand.

Falling blocks, Deadly sawblades and near-monochrome? Sounds like Friday night just got wild.

Falling blocks, Deadly sawblades and near-monochrome? Sounds like Friday night just got wild.

The music in Blok Drop U is quite an upbeat and easy groove that will greatly help break up the monotony of the game. However, the soundtrack can be easily blocked out while playing. Because of this, it can be described as forgettable in the sense the game will draw players in a little too heavily due to the focus required for puzzle solving.

While a gentle soundtrack is nice to help keep players calm and collected as well as decrease the boredom factor of the game, Blok Drop U suffers by not making the soundtrack pop a bit more in terms of grabbing players’ attention.

To Block or Not to Block?

For the puzzle gamer, Blok Drop U offers a great deal of fun and presents itself in a simple package perfect for killing time. The game also has a fair deal of potential amongst the family audience as it is sure to entertain children fond of problem solving as well as adults looking to test their own mental flexibility.

Don't worry little red block, I too often find myself balancing on unstable ground.

Don’t worry little red block, I too often find myself balancing on unstable ground.

Blok Drop U doesn’t deliver anything new to the genre of puzzle gaming, but it holds its own as a fun and challenging puzzle game that will hopefully come with future updates and new puzzles to be tried. If the game had the capacity for player-created puzzles, it would be a top-tier puzzle game. For now, if gamers have some money to spend and need a new way to kill time, letting Blok Drop U drop into their lives would be a safe gamble.


Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

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Gaming Illustrated RATING



While Blok Drop U doesn't offer anything new to puzzle gaming, it does have its fair share of unique additions to the classic "block-drop" formula. On top of that it's simply a fun game with simple controls but challenging puzzles.


The graphics in Blok Drop U serve their purpose, they allow the player to easily identify the varying obstacles and objects. While not packing in graphical achievement, the graphics also don't distract the player from the task at hand with needless flare.


The music is overall a positive and interesting beat to keep the player interested while attempting the challenges of Blok Drop U. Sound effects are a nice little touch to break up the music and ultimately the score does it's job of breaking up the tedium, but doesn't deliver a "wow" factor on any front.


The puzzles are interesting and diverse enough that they can consistently be replayed and retried to find new ways of safely dropping the little red block. Not to mention often times the same method may not be usable twice due to timing and physics.

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