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BioShock Infinite Preview: 2013’s Most Anticipated

/ Jan 7th, 2013 3 Comments


More action awaits above sea level

Undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated games of 2012 was Bioshock Infinite. Thanks to two separate delays on the project, it has now become one of 2013’s most anticipated games. The near end of the prolonged wait has arrived and tidbits of information still manage to leak through the cracks even this close to the game’s March 26 release date. We decided to put together everything we know in an attempt to fill the gaps and make sure everyone’s as excited as we are for the next chapter of Irrational Games’ bizarre first-person shooter (FPS) series.

First and foremost is the mysterious story surrounding Bioshock Infinite. The Bioshock series is known for its amazingly intricate stories that make the player think. Infinite looks to be no exception. The story revolves around a former Pinkerton security agent named Booker Dewitt who is tasked with retrieving a mysterious girl named Elizabeth from the floating city of Columbia and bringing her to New York City in order to pay off a debt to a person who is probably pretty shady.

[adsense250itp]The idea of rescuing a character and keeping her safe through an entire game may seem like a bit of a drag until you realize that Elizabeth is no Ashley Graham. Elizabeth is shrouded in mystery. It has been unveiled that she is being held prisoner in a tower in the center of the city, guarded by the deadly mechanical Song Bird. Elizabeth is hailed as a messiah, of sorts, but definitely not trusted enough to be allowed to come and go as she pleases. Luckily for the player, Elizabeth has a host of useful powers, such as the ability to open rifts and pull useful items through, that make combat easier. Unlike most tag-along protagonists, Elizabeth is also crucially important outside of combat. She often picks locks or finds ways to progress through the various obstacles during a mission.

Bioshock Infinite is easiest described as a mirror of the last two titles in the series. New characters and obvious changes in environment aside, Rapture’s No Gods or Kings, Only Man ideal is replaced by a very religious Columbia community full of Zealots who will scramble to the first person claiming to be a higher power. This person is none other than the “great” Father Comstock, who is the leader of a large political group called The Founders. He rules with an iron fist as a prophet and is the jailer to Elizabeth’s imprisonment. There is a good amount of blood in the water, however, as different factions do exist that puts the citizens of Columbia in a back and forth war against each other, albeit much less notably than that of the crumbling Rapture.

Another change in Infinite is the replacement of EVE and Plasmids. Players will still be able to wield the unique powers that helped Bioshock stand out among other FPS’ but they will come in the form of human made Tonics. Using these yields some pretty gruesome results such as hands melting right to the bone when first acquiring the Devil’s Kiss fire powers. When you’re running low on juice, Salts are now the new rejuvenating items that will get you back into roasting enemies alive.

Devil's Kiss

That’s got to hurt…a lot

One of the biggest staples of the Bioshock franchise has been Jack’s wrench that acts as the main weapon of choice through Bioshock. Infinite has replaced this with the Skyhook. This grappling gun is used both as a deadly weapon and mode of transportation around Columbia. Combat ranges from powerful hits to decapitation finishers that would leave even Kratos in awe.

Bioshock and its sequel were both great and memorable games but players felt they lacked a few key features that existed prominently in most other titles in the genre. Bioshock Infinite will feature optional side missions that are sure to add some more play time and replay value to the game and give players more to aim for during their playthrough. The other big welcomed addition is the inclusion of what Irrational Games is calling the Heavy Hitters. These deadly enemies will be featured as mini bosses, giving a lot more essence to the various enemy encounters throughout the game. A total of four Heavy Hitters were showcased early last year, which includes:

Motorized Patriot:

George Washington has never looked so badass. These mechanical enemies come loaded to the brim with a deadly arsenal of weaponry and basically resemble walking tanks. Originally designed to host guided tours of Columbia, the Motorized Patriots now aim to riddle you with bullets from an early model of a mini gun.


The Handymen of Columbia are a sick combination of man and machine, exposed heart included, and feature a design similar to that of early Bioshocks’ Big Daddy enemy. If their massive gorilla-like posture doesn’t intimidate you, the force of their massive porcelain hands will.

Boys of Silence:

Ken Levine has described the Boys of Silence as Infinite’s version of security cameras. They wear large metal helmets with funnel-like contraptions that allow them to have drastically increased hearing. The Boys of Silence act as sentinels and will force the player to attempt and sneak past. If detected, the Boys of Silence will summon the aid of various enemies, making for a difficult battle that’s best left avoided if possible.


Creepy doesn’t even begin to describe it…


Resembling a ghostly specter  Sirens have the ability to revive the dead with their screams. This makes them the player’s number one target less they deal with a continuous horde of constantly resurrected enemies. Luckily, killing her will render all her resurrected allies dead once again.

Bioshock Infinite is said to resemble the original Bioshock in it’s overall length and replay value, which should be good news for anyone who was unimpressed with the sequel. Bioshock Infinite is one game that should be on every gamer’s list of most anticipated games of 2013.

Travis Shuman

Travis Shuman

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