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Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC Coming in September

/ Aug 24th, 2012 2 Comments

FPS fans with a taste for vehicular slaughter should start shopping for Cloud 9 real estate. Battlefield 3 is adding the third of five new DLC packages to its arsenal this September called Armored Kill. Focusing squarely on tanks and other heavy armor vehicles and boasting “the biggest battle map in Battlefield history,” Armored Kill brings to the table a host of new assignments, maps, and a new game mode.

Battlefield 3

Hitting the highlights, the DLC showcases five new heavy vehicles that include two tank destroyers (the United States’ M1128 Mobile Gun System and Russia’s 2S25 Sprut), two mobile rocket artillery vehicles (the M142 HIMARS and BM-21), and a Quad bike. The Lockheed AC-130 Gunship is also included, and though the pilot is an AI, players have the option to spawn in one of the two gunner seats or as a paratrooper, and there are 20+ new unlocks for other new vehicles.

Tank Superiority” is the newest game mode and is said to combine the best of both the Capture the Flag and King of the Hill matches. Two teams of twelve must fight to control and maintain a flag that’s been strategically placed in an open, hard-to-defend area, while bleeding opponents of all their tickets. Respawn times are also said to be virtually instantaneous, maximizing dogfights and skirmish capabilities. According to developers, the strategy for success in the PvP matches has also changed. Studying tank warfare methods, the newly suggested M.O. is that tanks platoons should stick together in groups of two to three have better chances for victory versus a “lone wolf” style. Heavy-armor and long-distance positioning are also advised.

Four new game maps will be featured in Armored Kill. Two will take place in Iran, the Alborz Mountain map, the only snow-based level, and Bandar Desert, the largest map in the Battlefield franchise history (supposedly two times larger than the Caspian Border map.) The third and fourth maps are Death Valley and Armored Shield respectively, with Death Valley being set at night in the mountains. Little is known about Armored Shield, however all the maps are compatible with all six game modes, and the player count will still be capped at twenty-four. The PC version of Conquest also now allows for up to seven flags while consoles will allow for five.

Armored Kill will be available to PS3 Battlefield Premium members starting September 4th and Xbox 360 and PC Premium members on the 11th. The DLC will be released to non-premium members on the 18th. The Premium pack allows for special in-game weapons, two times the XP on certain dates, and priority servers. Armored Kill can be purchased for $14.99 or in a bundle of all five DLC packages for $49.95.

Becca Gray

Becca Gray

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  1. drunkguy says:

    DrunkenMonkey247 will decimate all

  2. tonny van dijk says:

    ps3 a week before xbox and pc F that F cr*p now that i know this battlefield devs can F them selves and stick their dlc where it is very dark xbox players are waiting for this too so what is the D D hold up

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