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Awesomenauts Review

/ May 31st, 2012 1 Comment

Awesomenauts Review

Awesomenauts Review

Awesomenauts Review

Awesomenauts was released on May 2, 2012 by DTP Entertainment and Ronimo Games to PSN and XboxLive Arcade (XBLA). Awesomenauts has gotten some good early looks at E3 and received awards such as best indie game and top games of E3. This title is one of the first in its kind to hit XBLA and PSN, as Awesomenauts is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). This game is this going to be a battle, not only in the game, but with yourself. Awesomenauts has one of the most unforgiving multiplayer modes, yet remains an enjoyable title with humor. But be warned, do not go in alone!

The story behind Awesomenauts is a simple one. There are two teams, a red and a blue team that is fighting over some precious metal and they hire the Awesomenauts to help with the fight. Awesomenauts offers players to pick between six characters; Space Cowboy Lonestar, Reptilian Assassin Leon, Healing Space Alien Voltar, Robotic Bully Clunk, and Hip-Hop Star Froggy G. All characters are designed well with each having their own personality to go with their bios. For the levels themselves, they are all 2D when multiple levels with not a lot of clustering on your screen. Some animations do look dated. But the feel of the game is also a 90’s feel with the 2D side scrolling gameplay. Graphically, it is not going to impress hardcore gamers, but for this title it’s a good fit.


Graphics don’t let the game down, but the animations do feel dated. You get to see them all in their 90’s opening videos which is visually good, but the audio gives off a Thundercats feeling. Yet when you leave the menu the music turns to a 90’s version of “futuristic music,” which feels strangely appropriate. The voice acting in the game, which is very little, does help sell the characters with their funny lines here and there. There are only a handful of lines to each character so it does get repetitive.


The music was great in the game and overall the audio does offer a laugh or two, but does get old quick.


Awesomenauts being a MOBA will have its downfalls. The learning curve to this game is almost backbreaking, especially if you go straight into multiplayer. Since the game does not sort by levels it will match you up with anyone from a first time player to an experienced pro. This becomes clear when you may only choose between your three beginning characters and the other team is using the clearly more dominate advanced characters. For the first few hours you might be frustrated and cursing at yourself for buying the game – just stick with it. Being able to drop in is a nice feature, until you drop into a match that has been running for ten minutes and everyone in the game is already a level twenty and you are just a level one. Also when people leave they are replaced by bots, who do not have the same effect as a real person. This makes it harder on the shorthanded team since the two remaining players have to pick up the slack for the missing player – the key to resolving this is having friends. Since it is only 3 v 3 you are going to need friends to help you out. Every character helps out the other character in some way. So do not go in alone unless you just want to end up dying a lot. We know people don’t like to play practice mode, but in this case you are going to need it. A perk for practice mode is that you are going to gain the XP need to compete online with experienced players and their upgraded characters.



Your experience will suffer from the unbalanced online play and very steep learning curve. But you will be happy with the gameplay itself when you practice and the team are even, happens too few times though.

Again, battle though those first few hours, make some friends that only play Awesomenauts. Once you grind it out and make a team, you will enjoy this game for what it is really worth. You will soon go from the player ready to throw your controller at your T.V. to the player that is dominating all the new players. Once you learn the special attacks which are performed with ease by pressing either B or Y button and how to use the map to your advantage you’ll quickly start dominating. Controls to the game are fairly easy to learn; move with your left joystick, A to jump and X to melee or shoot depending on your character. B and Y are each and special attack which very between each character.


Awesomenauts has its bad sides, like the unbalanced online play on player levels, to the intuitive drop in and out system which does hinder the game when you are the weaker team. Also it has a very steep learning curve which can be unforgiving. But Awesomenauts also has plenty of good sides, like the uniquely funny characters, fun gameplay (when you level up and find friends to play with you), and a fresh feel with smooth gameplay. Awesomenauts might not be totally awesome but it’s definitely a solid game.

Overall Ratings – Awesomenauts (XBox 360 / XBLA)











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Victor Chavez

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