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Ryan Bloom | Gaming Illustrated

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Articles By: Ryan Bloom

Call of Duty WWII is Dark and Gruesome

/ Jun 14th, 2017 World War II was a horrific world-wide event where about 60 million people lost their lives. This is not 0 comments continue reading >>

Watch the Nintendo E3 2017 Press Conference Live Here

/ Jun 13th, 2017 Nintendo no longer goes the traditional route with game announcements. The company chooses to reveal its games and information 0 comments continue reading >>

Skull & Bones Announced by Ubisoft

/ Jun 12th, 2017 Ubisoft announced an online open-world pirate game Skull & Bones during its E3 press conference. In development by Ubisoft 0 comments continue reading >>

Watch the Ubisoft E3 2017 Press Conference Live Here

/ Jun 12th, 2017 Ubisoft recently unveiled a new logo, and will soon be unveiling some new games. The Ubisoft E3 2017 press 0 comments continue reading >>

Watch the PlayStation E3 2017 Press Conference Here

/ Jun 12th, 2017 Sony usually has the most hyped fans and the biggest surprises at E3, so you will not want to 0 comments continue reading >>

Watch the Bethesda E3 2017 Press Conference Here

/ Jun 11th, 2017 Bethesda is in its infancy when it comes to delivering E3 press conferences, but that doesn’t mean you can 0 comments continue reading >>

Watch the Xbox E3 2017 Press Conference Here

/ Jun 11th, 2017 Microsoft is kicking off E3 this year on Sunday, a departure from its usual Monday slot. The Xbox E3 0 comments continue reading >>

Watch the EA E3 Press Conference Here

/ Jun 10th, 2017 For the second year in a row, EA has decided to branch off from E3 with its own separate 0 comments continue reading >>

NBA Playgrounds Review: Jam Session

/ Jun 8th, 2017 NBA Jam is 24 years old this year — not quite old enough to attempt to recapture its youth 0 comments continue reading >>

Kyrie Irving to Appear on NBA 2K18 Cover

/ Jun 1st, 2017 On the day that he’s scheduled to take the court in game one of the NBA Finals, Cleveland Cavaliers 0 comments continue reading >>

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