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Articles By: Olly Jones

Nintendo’s Perplexing Platforming Problem

/ Apr 28th, 2014 Mario, Yoshi and Donkey Kong have all had high profile platformers in the last six months–think about that for 0 comments continue reading >>

Dark Souls: Challenging The Difficulties with Difficulty

/ Mar 24th, 2014 Dark Souls 2 is out, you may have heard. FromSoftware’s original pressure cooked RPG (a spiritual successor to Sony 0 comments continue reading >>

How Free To Play Took Over Gaming

/ Feb 19th, 2014 This year will be a year of brave technological developments; a growing evolution involving everything we know from Xbox 0 comments continue reading >>

2014: Wii U’s Biggest Test

/ Jan 14th, 2014 As we’ve seen, 2013 was an arguably solid performance for Nintendo’s touch tablet touting system. Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 2 comments continue reading >>

Cross-Platform Playing or Cross-Platform Played?

/ Dec 16th, 2013 As the year closes with the birth of a new console generation, the games industry will look to establish 0 comments continue reading >>

Selling Games From the Soccer Stadium

/ Nov 13th, 2013 November is the time when the big boy games hit the shelves and ad teams are unleashed in a 0 comments continue reading >>

Life After Consoles

/ Oct 15th, 2013 With every game release, a bond is formed. That association is between a game and its console, or consoles 0 comments continue reading >>

Headset Headgames: One Step Closer to a Holodeck

/ Sep 20th, 2013 If Sci-Fi has showed us anything it is that sometimes fictional inventions are bizarrely later realized in reality. A 0 comments continue reading >>

Game of Twitter

/ Aug 19th, 2013 Social Media has shaped the way our society communicates, works and exchanges news. The constant flow of information this 1 comments continue reading >>

Are Crossovers Over?

/ Jun 27th, 2013 Amongst the games announced during the May Nintendo Direct was a new installment for a growing franchise, which was 0 comments continue reading >>

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