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Articles By: Miranda L Visser

Tennis in the Face (PS4) Review

/ Jan 12th, 2015 Few games attempt to create a mixture as volatile as tennis and street justice — that is where Tennis 0 comments continue reading >>

Destiny Goes Down for Update

/ Nov 13th, 2014 Destiny’s most ardent players will have to pick up another game for a few hours as Bungie takes their 0 comments continue reading >>

Hatoful Boyfriend (PC) Review

/ Sep 9th, 2014 Hatoful Boyfriend fills a very specific gap in the video game genre with its conception of romance between pigeon 0 comments continue reading >>

Where are the Female Players in FIFA 15?

/ Jun 23rd, 2014 At E3 2014, EA Sports worked to pump fans up about the newest installment of the FIFA franchise, perfectly 12 comments continue reading >>

Destiny Alpha Hands-On Impressions

/ Jun 16th, 2014 Destiny was one of the biggest games at E3 2014. During the company’s press event, Sony dropped a bombshell 0 comments continue reading >>

Trolls vs Vikings (iOS) Review

/ Mar 12th, 2014 From Megapop Games – based out of Oslo, Norway – Trolls vs Vikings suggests in its very name its 0 comments continue reading >>

Legend Online: New Era (iOS) Review

/ Feb 12th, 2014 When a developer or publisher promises to deliver a well-executed MMORPG on a mobile platform, gamers have reason to 0 comments continue reading >>

Archangel (iOS) Review

/ Jan 30th, 2014 Unity Games, the publishing arm of the developers behind the popular Unity game engine, debuted the company’s first “core” 0 comments continue reading >>

2013 Mobile Game of the Year

/ Jan 20th, 2014 Mobile games, like games on any other platform, are diverse. They are made up of original works that innovate 0 comments continue reading >>

Battle Supremacy (iOS) Review

/ Jan 15th, 2014 When your only clue as to the location of the enemy is a tree falling or animal scurrying across 0 comments continue reading >>

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