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Articles By: Mark Gonzales

Is a Square-Enix Revival Possible?

/ May 7th, 2014 Square-Enix is a name that gamers have long identified as one of the premier RPG and JRPG publishers. Mentioning 1 comments continue reading >>

Steam OS – My Beta Experience

/ Mar 5th, 2014 Valve’s Steam OS has certainly made a commotion in the gaming industry. With all the talk of a free 4 comments continue reading >>

DLC: More or Less?

/ Jan 28th, 2014 Adding more great content to a great game is always welcome. Being able to come back to one of 0 comments continue reading >>

Steam Machines – A Home in Both Worlds?

/ Dec 10th, 2013 Valve’s Steam, the universally acclaimed gaming service, has laid bare its often rumored and speculated Steam Machines. With a 0 comments continue reading >>

Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers. Happy Medium or Band-Aid?

/ Nov 12th, 2013 Fellow Magic: The Gathering players are fairly versed in all the different outlets and options to enjoy the (now) 0 comments continue reading >>

The Next Generation of Game Recording

/ Sep 26th, 2013 Video game recording is wildly popular and very much a part of gaming culture. Whether it is finding clues 0 comments continue reading >>

Gran Turismo 6: Come To The Next Gen Please?

/ Aug 14th, 2013 Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo. The racing game that changed it all and made the high school youth rejoice when 1 comments continue reading >>

Free-To-Play: The Next Generation

/ Jul 26th, 2013 Free-To-Play games are a booming market in the gaming industry. Being on the go and playing hot addictive titles 0 comments continue reading >>

The Launch Titles! Which Side Are You On?

/ Jul 15th, 2013 In the aftermath of an E3 where gamers were privy to an extremely entertaining show in which Sony and 3 comments continue reading >>

GameStop: Flawless Victory?

/ Jul 2nd, 2013 It is no secret that there is a bit of a war in regards to the used game market 0 comments continue reading >>

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