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Articles By: Kalvin Martinez

Unruly Heroes Review: The A-Team

/ Feb 12th, 2019 There is a lot in a name. Names hold power — Someone said that once, but who could remember 0 comments continue reading >>

Battle Princess Madelyn Review: Retro Chic

/ Feb 8th, 2019 “Back in my day, video games used to be better…” Whether it is your drunk uncle sobbingly saying this 0 comments continue reading >>

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Review: Suda51 Collection

/ Jan 25th, 2019 Suda51 is a video game auteur who elicits a gamut of responses. Whether those responses are good or bad 1 comments continue reading >>

Dragon Marked for Death Gets a Retail Release in March

/ Jan 24th, 2019 Nighthawk Interactive announced it give Inti Creates’ Dragon Marked for Death a physical release this spring. The physical release 0 comments continue reading >>

Chucklefish Announces Release Date for Wargroove

/ Jan 24th, 2019 Chucklefish announced via Nintendo Europe’s Indie Highlights Showcase the release date for Wargroove. The strategy game launches for PC, 0 comments continue reading >>

Image & Form announces SteamWorld Quest

/ Jan 23rd, 2019 Thunderful Games and Image & Form announced the next entry in the popular SteamWorld series will be SteamWorld Quest: 0 comments continue reading >>

Double Cross Review: Tripping the R.I.F.T.

/ Jan 17th, 2019 Do you ever have that feeling that we aren’t alone, that there must be other life out there? What 0 comments continue reading >>

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Review: Yes Queen

/ Jan 14th, 2019 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the finest games of the current console cycle. While the game 0 comments continue reading >>

Desert Child Review: Juice

/ Jan 7th, 2019 Desert Child is all about the thrill of the race. It is about coming up from nothing to be 0 comments continue reading >>

Nidhogg 2 Review: On Guard

/ Jan 4th, 2019 Competition is one of the cornerstones of video games. From the early days of gaming when players would try 0 comments continue reading >>

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