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Articles By: Jonathan Anson

Upcoming Castlevania Game for 3DS Delayed

/ Aug 22nd, 2012 Konami has revealed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate will be delayed for another year instead of being 0 comments continue reading >>

Gemini Rue (PC) Nostalgia Review

/ Aug 21st, 2012 Wadjet Eye Games is an independent game developer and publisher that’s made a name for itself in just six years. 0 comments continue reading >>

Ben Jordan Case 8 Released

/ Aug 19th, 2012 Since the seventh game in the freeware Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator PC adventure series was released in 2007, fans 0 comments continue reading >>

Nostalgia Review: Divine Divinity (PC)

/ Jul 26th, 2012 When Diablo was released in 1996 it set the bar for the RPG genre. It has resulted in many 0 comments continue reading >>

Nostalgia Review: DreamWeb (PC)

/ Jul 24th, 2012 Released in 1994, DreamWeb is a DOS (it was also released for the Amiga) point and click adventure game 0 comments continue reading >>

Resonance (PC) Review

/ Jul 6th, 2012 Resonance is an independently created PC adventure game by Wadjet Eye Games (they’re also responsible for publishing it as 0 comments continue reading >>

Nostalgia Review: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

/ Jun 30th, 2012 It is 1939: Germany has begun to amass power under the leadership of Adolf Hitler who is clamping down 0 comments continue reading >>

Nostalgia Review: The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes

/ Jun 4th, 2012 Welcome to the first article of what I hope will become a mainstay series on this site. Although Gaming 0 comments continue reading >>

DmC Devil May Cry Announcement

/ May 23rd, 2012 DmC Devil May Cry, the fifth installment in the groundbreaking Devil May Cry franchise, has just been announced by 2 comments continue reading >>

Corsair GS Power Supply Units Enhanced

/ May 21st, 2012 The Corsair GS600 was announced to get a major enhancement along with upgrades to two other of their power 0 comments continue reading >>

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