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Articles By: Dustin Liaw

Steelseries Flux Luxury Edition Headset Review

/ Jan 18th, 2013 Mobility and customization are the name of the game with the Steelseries Flux, a gaming headset designed to be 0 comments continue reading >>

Karateka (PC) Review

/ Dec 26th, 2012 When you think of Jordan Mechner, you probably think of sand, swords, and angsty ancient Iranian royalty. But it 0 comments continue reading >>

The Long and Winding Road: Video Games and Society

/ Dec 3rd, 2012 Humanity and violence go hand in hand, and if you were anywhere around a major retailer on Black Friday, 1 comments continue reading >>

Sine Mora (PC) Review

/ Nov 25th, 2012 I can’t think of another game in which you play as a double amputee bison, a rabbit-cat with a 0 comments continue reading >>

Clan of Champions (PC) Review

/ Nov 13th, 2012 You’ll find neither clans nor champions in Clan of Champions, a hybrid fighting/RPG game that delves into mediocrity from 0 comments continue reading >>

Company of Heroes 2 Preview

/ Oct 30th, 2012 Company of Heroes was hailed as one of the best real-time strategy games of all time when it came 1 comments continue reading >>

The Leavers: When Game Gods Depart

/ Oct 11th, 2012 Over ten years ago, PC Gamer magazine did a feature on “the next game gods”, portraying the likes of 0 comments continue reading >>

Is Black Ops 2 Worth Your Money?

/ Oct 3rd, 2012 At this time of year so close to the release of Black Ops 2, you can almost feel it 9 comments continue reading >>

Steam’s Big Picture Beta Released

/ Sep 12th, 2012 Steam has long been considered the dominant platform for PC gaming, offering developers an efficient and cost-effective digital distribution 3 comments continue reading >>

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Preview

/ Sep 10th, 2012 Last week, Konami held a 25th anniversary event for its storied stealth game franchise, Metal Gear. It was a 1 comments continue reading >>

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