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Articles By: Daniel Weinell

What Makes GTA V So Fun

/ Oct 8th, 2013 Grand Theft Auto V is a giant sandbox full of fun toys to play with, but it doesn’t give 0 comments continue reading >>

Diablo 3: Big Changes are Coming to Sanctuary

/ Oct 1st, 2013 Diablo 3 is not the same game that launched over a year ago. The story is the same and 0 comments continue reading >>

Skyrim Mage Armor

/ Aug 28th, 2013 Skyrim mage armor is one way to stay safe in the latest Elder Scrolls game, but how long has 1 comments continue reading >>

A History of TMNT Video Games

/ Aug 22nd, 2013 Many people who grew up in the 80s and 90s have a certain fondness for the Teenage Mutant Ninja 0 comments continue reading >>

The Legend of Zelda 3DS: A Return to Form

/ Aug 12th, 2013 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is one of the best Zelda games to date, which 0 comments continue reading >>

Diablo 3 for Consoles Brings Back Couch Co-Op

/ Aug 5th, 2013 Even though Diablo 3 was released over a year ago, Blizzard is finally releasing the game for major consoles. 2 comments continue reading >>

Mobile Games Are Here to Stay

/ Jul 31st, 2013 There was a time when gaming on the go meant playing on a GameBoy or Game Gear. In recent 0 comments continue reading >>

Guild Wars 2: The Story So Far

/ Jul 24th, 2013 On the surface, Guild Wars 2 may look like other MMO’s, but beneath the surface lies a vastly different 0 comments continue reading >>

Nintendo’s Hurdles

/ Jul 17th, 2013 As gamers prepare for a new generation of gaming with the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One later 3 comments continue reading >>

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