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Articles By: Carl Armstrong

Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Review (Spoilers)

/ Apr 3rd, 2013 On Sunday, fans said goodbye to the Walking Dead… For 5 months. Its season finale wrapped up in what 1 comments continue reading >>

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Introduction Impressions

/ Feb 11th, 2013 Blizzard released the introduction to the Starcraft 2 expansion Heart of the Swarm last month. Immediately, YouTubers were posting 1 comments continue reading >>

Guardians of Middle Earth Interview

/ Nov 9th, 2012 Guardians of Middle Earth is a new video game set for release in December 2012, developed by Monolith Productions 0 comments continue reading >>

Aliens: Colonial Marines Interview

/ Oct 17th, 2012 Aliens: Colonial Marines releases worldwide on February 12, 2013 on PS3, Xbox 360 and for Windows PC computers. The 1 comments continue reading >>

Steel Series Siberia v2 CS:GO Edition Headset

/ Sep 28th, 2012 Steel Series is still one of the top manufacturers of gaming hardware on the market and you don’t have 0 comments continue reading >>

IPL Manager Discusses the Future of eSports

/ Sep 20th, 2012 The IPL is an eSports division of IGN Entertainment that has been gaining solid ground in this emerging segment 0 comments continue reading >>

Light Hero (PC) Review

/ Sep 16th, 2012 When you think of all the great space shooters, you think old school with Life Force, Gradius, and those 0 comments continue reading >>

Legends of Pegasus (PC) Review

/ Sep 9th, 2012 Legends of Pegasus is out now for Steam for $39.99, but honestly this is game that may be worth 0 comments continue reading >>

Hybrid Review

/ Sep 5th, 2012 In the past when programmers and game creators name their titles they usually match the theme to the game. 0 comments continue reading >>

Madden 13 Impressions

/ Aug 26th, 2012 Ok, first things first, lets talk about the real Madden curse. In the history of the Carl “Channer” Armstrong 0 comments continue reading >>

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