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Articles By: Bri Haller

Steam’s Big Picture Fuses PC with Console Gaming

/ Feb 21st, 2013 The same company that brought Steam to life for PCs is taking the successful platform a step further. Valve 0 comments continue reading >>

The Fake Gamer Girl Myth

/ Feb 7th, 2013 The ‘fake gamer girl’, as well as the ‘fake geek girl’ are two popular concepts targeted by territorial men, 0 comments continue reading >>

Half-Life Recharges with Source Engine Mod ‘Black Mesa’

/ Dec 6th, 2012 Half-Life 2 modification “Black Mesa” has revamped the original 1998 release. Valve’s Half-Life has won more than 50 awards, including 0 comments continue reading >>

‘Free 2 Play’ Helps Gaming Franchises Expand Horizons

/ Nov 30th, 2012 Time moves quickly in the world of gaming, and if a franchise is not prepared, it will find itself 0 comments continue reading >>