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Articles By: Ben Sheene

Papo & Yo (PS3) Review

/ Aug 28th, 2012 Do you remember a small game that was released a few years ago on the Playstation Network called Noby Noby 0 comments continue reading >>

New Skyrim DLC Info Potentially Leaked

/ Aug 24th, 2012 Is “Hearthfire” the title for Skyrim’s new DLC expansion? Even though the first DLC Dawnguard was just released on 17 comments continue reading >>

Combat Mission: Fortress Italy Review

/ Aug 22nd, 2012 Combat Mission: Fortress Italy is the newest entry in the long-running war simulation franchise.  The game sports the newest 3 comments continue reading >>

Legasista (PS3) Review

/ Aug 21st, 2012 The summer has been kind.  And while I’m sure there’s been plenty of hot days with cool breezes and 0 comments continue reading >>

Skyrim – 5 Things To Do While You Wait for Dawnguard on PS3

/ Aug 20th, 2012 When Skyrim came out I bought a copy for my PS3. See, I didn’t own an Xbox at the 21 comments continue reading >>

Mugen Souls Reveals Game Details in Two New Trailers

/ Aug 10th, 2012 Two new gameplay trailers have been released for the upcoming RPG Mugen Souls.  Both offer insight into what kind 0 comments continue reading >>

Deadlight (Xbox 360) Review

/ Aug 9th, 2012 There are moments when Deadlight feels like one of the best zombie games ever made.  In these moments it 0 comments continue reading >>

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Arctic Strike DLC (XBox 360) Review

/ Jul 31st, 2012 When Future Soldier released back in May, I thought its multiplayer was fun.  Despite being similar to other online 0 comments continue reading >>

Rainbow Moon (PS3) Review

/ Jul 9th, 2012 Rainbow Moon on the PlayStation 3 makes no effort to hide its influences.  As soon as the game starts 5 comments continue reading >>

Mass Effect 3 and The Extended Cut

/ Jul 5th, 2012 For me Mass Effect 3 didn’t end poorly.  Then again, it didn’t end as great as I wanted it 2 comments continue reading >>

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