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Articles By: Ben Sheene

Mugen Souls (PS3) Review

/ Oct 3rd, 2012 For the longest time I had thought Japanese RPGs had gone by the wayside during this console generation.  After 3 comments continue reading >>

Far Cry 3: Six Ways It Will Test Your Sanity

/ Oct 2nd, 2012 Far Cry 3 returns to the franchise’s roots by replacing the African setting of the second game with tropical 1 comments continue reading >>

Xbox Achievement Rewards: Too Little Too Late?

/ Oct 1st, 2012 Hell might have just frozen over because the day has finally come where Microsoft is going to reward you 5 comments continue reading >>

Dishonored: 5 Reasons It Should Be Your Most Anticipated Fall Game

/ Oct 1st, 2012 On October 9th Dishonored will be released for the PS3, Xbox, and PC amid a packed season of fall 4 comments continue reading >>

Tokyo Jungle (PS3) Review

/ Sep 24th, 2012 It would be wise of anyone who reviews Tokyo Jungle to set the tone by opening with a bizarre 0 comments continue reading >>

Who Else Doesn’t Want the iPhone 5?

/ Sep 24th, 2012 When it comes to the iPhone 5, while I am probably in the minority saying this, I just don’t 0 comments continue reading >>

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Raven Strike DLC (Xbox 360) Review

/ Sep 21st, 2012 A little under two months ago Ubisoft released Arctic Strike, the first DLC pack for Future Soldier.  I had 0 comments continue reading >>

ClaDun x2 (PC) Review

/ Sep 18th, 2012 A few weeks ago I reviewed Legasista for the Playstation 3.  Not only was I impressed by the depth offered 0 comments continue reading >>

Will GTA 5 be a Return to Form?

/ Sep 10th, 2012 GTA 5 has already become the most anticipated game for 2013 and has its hype fueled by the release 14 comments continue reading >>

Skyrim – DLC Dawnguard Might Not Happen at All for PS3

/ Aug 31st, 2012 It’s not looking good for those gamers who bought Skyrim for the Playstation 3.  Have you been eagerly waiting 21 comments continue reading >>

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